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I can’t get over the assertion the average EG is 5.5? I’ll admit I’m biased because I’m well below this but it sounds like bullshit. A high proportion of porn guys have 5.5 and there’s no way they’re average. Who knows. Having joined the visualizer (which is admittedly over-represented by the extremes) I have seem guys which have 7 inches of girth. Other than Aristo how many guys are there at TP with 6.75+ EG? Naturally guys with Monster cocks aren’t trawling the internet for PE sites so it’s not really a reflection of how common they are.

The point I’m trying to make is that 5.5 EG could be right if there are enough of these guys out there. This is true for the mean average at least. I think it’s fair to say the modal or median would be more representative of women’s experiences with size differentiation. Just a thought (which has most likely already been made in our expansive database!) IGB

Follow the arrow : 5.5 ——————————->PORN STAR.


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