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Dr. Burman, PE surgeon, recommends stretching


Dr. Burman, PE surgeon, recommends stretching

The thread on Doctor behind Extenders a fraud reminded me of a couple other threads about another PE surgeon. When I was just a few days into PE, I was googling for some information on PE devices and came across Dr. Sheldon O. Burman’s homepage,

Since I know the man personally, I was curious if his name came up at Thunder’s, which it did:
Surgery…Dr.Sheldon Burman
Sheldon O. Burman, trust him with penis?

Basically, he is portrayed in those threads as an arrogant hack that believes in circumcision and did a botched PE surgery.

While working my way through school, I used to work as “house manager” (read: “houseboy” or “servant”) for Dr.Burman’s family in the 1980’s. At the time, he was a cardio-pulmonary surgeon. His basic credentials are real. The Burmans are Jewish. Some would describe him as arrogant; he would freely describe it simply as Jewish chutzpah. E.g., the man is so proud of the initials that his parents naively gave him at birth, he likes to have “S.O.B.” monogrammed on his luggage, attache, etc. While I myself am anti-circumcision, it’s understandable why Burman—being Jewish—would favor circumcison. Just because a surgeon may come across to some as having poor bedside manners (e.g., arrogant) and believes in circumcision does not make him a poor PE surgeon.

If you follow the links and read about the “botched surgery,” it says that he had an “assistant” surgeon with him who was relieved of his position as a result of the malpractice suit. I don’t know, but I suspect that the “assistant” may have been the primary surgeon. I have my own issues with surgeons, but they’re not God (even when they think they are, even if patients want them to be). I don’t know the details of the one Burman malpractice case that’s reported on the web. If I were to ask Burman to operate on me, I’d certainly dig deeper about that particular case. But if I expect doctors to be infallible and omnipotent, then I could never go to a doctor at all.

Through his website, Burman sells a “penis vacuum” for impotence, and a “penis stretcher device.” Granted, the items are overpriced. Knowing Dr. Burman, I’m not surprised. He implies your insurance might pick up most of the $450 on the penis pump. But for me, it gave credibility to PE by stretching. The description of the stretcher reads:

“It is most effective when worn after penile lengthening surgery. To prevent loss of gain from scar contraction after surgery, patients wear it a minimum of 4 hours a day for 4 months. Patients who have worn a weight device or their penis stretcher for over 4 years have reported length gains of over 4 inches. Without surgery, worn by itself for several months, it will achieve permanent length gain. No interference with erections, ejaculation, fertility or sensation. No girth gain.”

The site also says that this is the “only clinically documented penis enlarger for permanent lengthening of the penis without surgery.” Maybe one of these days I’ll call him myself to ask for the documentation. Just the same, it was very reassuring in starting my PE routine to have a surgeon I know—even if he prides himself in being S.O.B—say that stretching actually works.

Very interesting - away to study. As an initial statement, extenders were always about post-operative stretching. Good read!


Originally Posted by Slack
Its good to read him saying they’ll work without surgery, but then, he IS selling the damn things for $495, so of course he’d say that!

Yes, Extenders are an ideal income addition to a Doctor’s surgery. After all, the Doctor knows there are lots of hungry little Dicks out there willing to be extended. Call it a ready available catchment!

“Doctor” + “Extender” = premium earning power

However, still studying in the context of international Extenders!


Originally Posted by Josh 14-11

Patients who have worn a weight device or their penis stretcher for over 4 years have reported length gains of over 4 inches.

Good info Josh. However, this about patients (plural) reporting over (!) 4 inches sounds like hype. Not saying it can’t be so …

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I think we can agree that extenders work, But it takes a lot of wearing hours.

It takes a lot of hours just getting used to wearing the thing, I was scared of the thing in the beginning, I was afraid that my dick would get strangled and die (lack of circulation), I am quite sure now that it is not possible to strangle your dick, It can really take a lot of beating thats for sure :)

Even if the inventor of the extender is a fraud, He did invent something that works.

There are several well respected doctors in Scandinavia (and they are not selling anything PE related) that belive that the principle of traction will work for the penis also.

Burman indeed has chutzpah to open his own clinic and then put his talking face on the internet. His fellow cardio-pulmonary surgeons probably gave him plenty of grief when he shifted to an undoubtedly more lucrative and “growing” business (pun intended).

Aside from the 4” hype, aside from the inflated cost, it's the first time I've heard a bonafide, AMA certified surgeon, acknowledge stretching of any kind can permanently lengthen the penis. The hype I take with a grain of salt, but what other reputable surgeon will publicly admit something like this? If Burman were only into the money, he would—like most urology and PE surgery sites—discredit any gains made without surgery, or remain silent on it. Furthermore, Burman has to know that guys are smart enough to read his recommendation, “stretching can result in permanent length gains,” and then go elsewhere to buy a similar stretcher.

Regarding the four inch gain:
Maybe he was projecting from the fact that some guys can gain 1 inch in 1 year. While he exaggerates gains into four inches, he also exaggerates the time factor into four years; probably hoping that guys want a quick gain through surgery. However, one wonders where he got his “documented evidence.” Was this done by an independent researcher, or—more probably—by the manufacturer?

I’m grateful for the two or three MD’s that post to this forum. Nonetheless, even those who have something to sell can help substantiate the claims by those who have nothing to gain financially.


The documented evidence is probably the same as is used at all the extender sites.

It was a test performed at the Scandinavian clinic of plastic surgery, And the man in charge of the test was the world known surgeon Jørn Ege, The inventor of the jes-extender :)

Joke a side, Lately there has been quite a few doctors claiming that extenders work, And they are not trying to sell anything.


Dr. Burman knows that very few men would take the risk and spend the $thousands of dollars to have the surgery, but they would spend $495.00 for a manual device if the good doctor says gains could be achieved that way over time.

He’s covering his ability to profit from all angles, all economic pockets… $495 x thousands = lots of extra change for the Porsche and fancy house.

Frankly, if a guy has time and privacy to wear his device post surgery for 4 hrs/day for 4 months, he might as well buy or make one of the hanging devices described on this forum and try them first.


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I decided to play devil’s advocate on this one.

A credible Doctor, such as Dr Burman, would undoubtedly be affiliated to some form of prestigious medical society, and if so, he would be rubbing shoulders with other emminent Doctors. Such a society, by very nature, is about sharing information to further their common goal - urology, sexuality etc. Right enough Dr Burman appears as part of the ISSM, check link -

Probing in about the ISSM site, you will come across their search button, fire in a few topical queries like -

- Extender, Stretcher, JES, Jorn Ege Siana, Andro-Penis, Burman

Sure enough Burman is in there, raising a few points as you would expect.

All I got was a brief mention of the JES extender as a post operative device, with only a suggestion that it could be a valid penile lengthening device on it’s own. Even this statement was phrased with extreme caution.

Alas, I did not get Burman and his Extender, waltzing among his peers with their extenders, saying to each other “what a brilliant clinically tested idea”! I did not get reference to the supposed clinical trials by the famous JES Doc, or any other extender trials by Doctors. The emminent, famous and internationally acclaimed JES Doc did not even appear there - these guys must be so removed form their peers that they have their own society going on! This is about greed, arrogance, money, period! Look at some of my maths in the Fraud thread. If medical trials had occured, that were successful alternatives to surgery - it would be the biggest talking point in such a society

Extenders were post operative devices and granted a good idea. With perseverance, people like babbis, kristian69 made them work successfully, but not according to the “with out pain” instructions that were issued by the JES folk. Adaptations to the heads like autoextender, suckxtender made them work. Determined wrapping, taking them off every hour, made them work! (Revelation - You know what the only society, that works, is in here at Thundersplace……… guys expose and strip out the bullshit and turn it into something that can work!) (“bullshit into something that works”….now thats something Burman should be promoting!)

…….and finally what do you think JES stands for…….here is a clue……….”J.E.S.”

I was going to round off my other thread with that one!


Jørn Ege Senna?

Exactly………… the very early days…… appeared in writing as the J.E.S Extender.


Originally Posted by kristian69
Jørn Ege Senna?

And the translation?

Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap


It is the name of the inventor.

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