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Downward curve

Downward curve

I have a slight downward curve that I am yet to take pictures of to post in the “members pics” section. Anywho, how is it that I could turn my downward curve into an upward curve if possible? What exercises are reccomended? Your help is always appreciated.

P.s. Is a downward curve a good/bad/neutral thing?

Curves are a funny thing. Some people have success straigtening them, but myself personally, I have not had much success.

I would say that everything has it’s pros and cons. Depends which ones you like personally, to determine whether you like where you are or not!

You will get varying opinions on this topic. Do a search for it as I know there has been alot of discussion about it. Read then decide for yourself.


Any curvature can be compensated by doing the opposite position. The problem might arise if either one of you favor a position that does not favor the curve? It also depends on how severe the curve is. I have a slight downard curve, the width covered from the top of my base to the glans is 2 inches if you can understand that. In the 2 inch tube the top of my base hits the cylinder wall and the glans hits the other side of the wall. I’ve been wondering if a curve will spread the vaginal canal more so than a truly straight penis.

BEFORE 5.75 EL 4.8 EG Vagina Length Database

NOW 32yrs old 8.5 BPSL 7.75 BPEL 5.5-5.75-6.25* upper/mid/base EG 5.0 BPFL glans tip 5.0 FG shaft Hang, Stretch, Jelq, Pump, Clamp

Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

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So in my case the curve will hit the G-spot while in doggy style position.

SiamGuy, that is kind of hard to understand but I have an idea of what your speaking of, I appreciate the help and would also like to know about the spreading of the vaginal canal with a curved penis (any direction) vs a strait one.

Kingpole here.

Consider the curve a gift from GOD.

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