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Hello everyone,

I don’t know whether this should go in the newbie section but I have a question about the doughnut. I find that sometimes I get one and sometimes I don’t. The question is should I be trying to get one? Does the doughnut signify a good workout and lack of one a poor workout? Thanks for your input.

Well, if the doughnut is fluid buildup, then I dont think that it adds (or subtracts) from a PE session. Is your doughnut hard, as in internal expansion? It IS a positive sign if your dick is measurably thicker after a workout. Give us more info about your doughnut.

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The doughnut is from the edema in the superficial layers of skin. It only involves the underside of my penis, and as described in the forum it travels along the circumcision scar. Again thank you for the reply.

I think that it means that you are doing something in that there is visible evidence that you are using eough force and not just jerking off. If the donut only last a couple of hours no big deal. I get a minor donut after a good jelq session.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

thank you for the replies.

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