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I have a question. First I would like to know if it has been ok for me to change up my routine every week. I only do this because I do not want my penis to get use to my workouts and make it harder to grow.

Also, I am wondering about all the dfferent combinations of exercises. I have done a lot research and search thru out the forum for answers.

I am wondering by merging several of the exercises together will this really enhance my penis more.

Like for example, doing a combination of DLD Bends, Jelqing, Horses, and other exercises will this really condition my penis and allow more intensity on my workouts.

I hope someone understands what I am saying. I guess what I am saying as I have seen different workout routines is merging every thing from all stretches together and all jelqing, bends, horses together and really put pressure on my routines.

What do you think?

Or maybe all of this has been said already.

C7, this is hard to determine without seeing an exact picture of your workout (reps, set, length, intensity, etc.) I understand that you are trying to encapsulate all of the proven methods into a workout but in what capacity. A program that works needs to have definite structure. Even if it changed weekly there needs to be structure to that. Hit me back with some specifics and I will give you my opinion. I am sure you will get more help from everyone else too.

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