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Donut on Monday, donut on Friday

Donut on Monday, donut on Friday


I think everyone of us experience a donut effect after a jelqing session. The next day it is disappeared and it won’t be bad.
I follow a 5 day on, 2 day of schedule. After a jelq session on day 1 (after two days of rest) the donut effect is much bigger then a session after day 5.

1) Do others of you experience the same thing?
2) What could be the physical reason of this?
3) Can we use this phenomenon for following a maybe more beneficial routine?


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1- No, not me. Without further info I will assume you’ve been doing this a while, the donut stuff after a jelq sounds like more of a beginners thing to me.

2- Lymphatic fluid accumation with possibly some blood pooling

3- No, I don’t see how and where to judge productivity from those symptoms, you should be experiencing something more benefecial like fatigue or mild soreness.

After a two day break it is basically starting over, hence I don’t break because I’m not convinced of the value unless you have overdone things, then it is a different story, of course.


Dmitri doesn’t get donuts. He doesn’t think most people get donuts from jelqing, either.

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Sometimes I get what I assume is the beginning of a ‘donut effect’ during jelqing, the circumference of my penis swells just behind the glans… it goes away in about 10 seconds though by itself, which is odd. I’m uncut, I think that has something to do with this.

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Never had a donut on my dick even after jelqing.
But I only jelq for max 20 minutes.


After 400 3 sec jelqs, no donut. Never had one, never will. Wasn’t that a commercial?



If we replace “donut effect” to a pumped and exhausted looking dick; do you guys notice a difference after a jelqing session on day 1 compared with day 5 ?

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

I jelq twice a day. My donut effect stays with me all the time and I love it!

I was edging today and I cannot even get my fingers around the donut area any longer! I am happy with that!

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


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