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don't want to sound skeptic but

don't want to sound skeptic but

I mean has anyone acually really achieved 2-3 inches in lenth, or even 1-2 in girth..because that is what everyone wants right?
2-3 more…
so has anyone acually managed this..because that would be an eye opener wouldn’t it..from a 6 ” er to 8” er I mean if you sleep with your ex girl friend SHE IS GOING TO KNOW!ahhaha
because even though 6 is good.. 8 is F@#$ing HUGE!.
so I would really like to get a tread started here of people talking about there frustrations,
EG..have worked out peing pr hanging for 12 months and gained nothing…
or have worked out …………… and gained 2 inches now I am a monster etc….

like I said I don’t want to sound skeptic..but my character is like this….
I will not start working out until I feel its for real and works…
REALLY WORKS..I mean real gains…I don’t need 1/3 inche..
I want 1-3
anyway would love to hear feed back on this..and I am sure other members would love it too….
thanks alot guys…

After just over a year and lots of hard work I have gained .75”

Strongly suggest you read ALL the posts, especially progress reports, etc. I can’t say what a normal rate of gain is, some have gained quite a bit more than I in the same time. I would assume that some have not gained as much. Lilbig1 has made impressive gains fast! Bib almost gained enough to make a second cock out of.

In my experience, everyone here is very serious about this stuff. If you choose to believe it is bs, we cant change your mind. Besides, if you were going to only gain .75” would you decide its not worth it?

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Earth walker

Read the board it’s free, 90% of people make some gains some are slow some are faster. You not going to gain 2 inches over night. Gains come slow to most people. I have gained almost
1.75 length and .5 girth in about 18 months, A few lucky people have gained 2 inches in less than a year but most don’t. Give it a try what have you got to lose, it’s free.



Any gain is good gain.

I was skeptical, too.

But if you put your head to the task, the odds are it’ll work for you. Study the posts and pick the routines that make the best sense to you for the time you have to devote to PE.




It’s not my job to try to convince you. The information is here and free. If you have discipline, try it. If not, don’t.


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yes I know

please people don’t get me wrong…

I am not saying it doesn’t work..

I am just asking for success stories or failure stories thats all..

acually I had my first run last night did about 20 minutes of jelqing damn my cock feels strange today though its not at its usual flacid state thats for sure…Is that normal? feels alittle stiff and small…..

cheers guys..

come on guys I would love to hear more about your stories ..

if you have time to respond to my post you have time to say what you have acomplished…

cheers folks……..

It Works

Earth Walker,

PE works. I was hopeful but skeptical when I began seriously PE’ing in January 2001. In a nutshell, I have gained 2 inches in length and 1.25 inches in girth midshaft, which is way beyond my greatest expectations. I’m still at it, because it works for me as it has worked for many others with varying degrees of success. It takes longterm motivation, commitment and patience. Anything worth having is worth working for! Good luck to you.



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