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I actually do lock the door, but I have found the door unlocked a few times when they have put me in the back room where nobody could see if they entered.

I don’t know for sure if they like to sneak peaks, but perhaps. :p

(I play music loud, and likely wouldn’t hear them enter.)

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Excellent post bg.very informative and also very encouraging thanks

The following is a quote from a PM:

“I’ve been wearing the weights for like a week. I couldn’t imagine running with them on. Just walking causes enough problems when they swing into my sack. Do (I should say did) you tie them to your leg?

How many did you used to wear at a time? Did you wrap so that the weights would be pressed against the base of your penis? If not how far down (inches and percentage if possible) do they hang?”

{Dude, good questions, all of them. Hope you don’t mind I answer your PM on the thread so all can hear.}

{First off, no. Don’t tie them to your leg; the swinging is a good thing. They never hit my sack, but I have all this skin. My scrotum hangs real low. But don’t try to wear all two pounds of the weights all the time. Right after hanging sessions or heavy length work is when you need all three weights for as long as you can get by with it. When you run, treadmill or track, just wear one, two tops. Swimming, wear all three and let them hang out the leg of your shorts so they hang down if you swim freestyle. They still hang down with backstroke or side. Normally, no one can see them, (Watch for kids with masks.) If you are going to be on your feet a long time, but kind of just standing around wear more, if you get busy or have to move quick wear one, The beauty of these weights is not so much to stretch out your ligs (which they do a little) but to keep you extended while healing. One hundred hours for tissue to heal, but I say always. Never let it turtle, and even one weight will do that. The rings are cumbersome when you sit. If you get in the car, slip them off and tuck that dick under your leg, just keep it extended.}

{The last part of your questions: No. I do not wrap, you probably won’t have to either if you listen up. I know this is in the thread somewhere, but one more time. After a good hard length workout, no matter what routines you use, you will have lymph fluid build-up. The heavier the session the more fluid, the body’s way of protecting the penis from trauma. Most of us hate the way it looks, but the good news is, it won’t stay long, but while it is there use it. You it in your head to dream about that girth you will one day have let it give you vision, use that faux girth to have sex with your girlfriend, but most of all used it to keep the damned rings on. After your workout, get in the shower, soap up, slip the rings on one at a time working them all the way back to the body, pulling all foreskin or Extra PE skin forward toward the tip making a kind of mushroom of skin at the end. This will serve as a cushion to protect the glands; it will also help you keep the weights on. As the day wears on and lymph wears down they will loosen and start to be a hassle to keep on. This is when you take one off, or two. Usually one will stay on all day. You may have to go to the restroom once and a while to pull all the skin forward through to the tip, but you can keep one all day with a little effort. If you are in a situation where you don’t want the thing slipping of, sliding down your leg and rolling into Starbucks at the mall, simply tie a string to the weight and tie it to your belt. If the weight comes off it will just dangle discretely inside your pants leg until you can get to the can.}

Anyway, hope this helps
Good luck


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I bend over and bow for you, BG! Thanks!! I’ll never let this turtle come and get me ever again!

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
As long as you aren’t sticking your dick up your own ass, I’m cool with it. :D

Me too!

Is there a picture of these bed fowfers somewhere? I want to be sure I’m doing it correct…

Never ever a turtle again...

Lang: No pictures. It would be pretty hard to photograph, but you can’t really do it wrong. just tuck your dick between your legs and sleep on your side. Works best if you sleep nude. Also while driving. I don’t know about Norway, but in Texas we wear shorts a lot in the summer. Pull your dick out the leg of your shorts and tuck it under one leg. This is a great way to keep from turtling while you drive.

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Can someone post a link to the CLAMPS?? I can’t seem to find a photo and I need to know what I am looking for a Walmart.


Look at Big Girthas avatar. That is the clamp you want to look for at Walmart. It comes in different colors besides blue. Look around the area where they sell extension cords and stuff.

Originally Posted by mravg
Look at Big Girthas avatar. That is the clamp you want to look for at Walmart. It comes in different colors besides blue. Look around the area where they sell extension cords and stuff.

And it probably won’t say Big Girtha on it.

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Great information. Would appreciate any links to ADS or weights for when I am not hanging or doing PE! Thanks in advance

Thank you

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
However my weights holes are a little bigger because I’ve stripped the rubber coating off, something Monty says we shouldn’t do. He has offered to re-dip the weights for free, but I like them this way. To me the cool smooth lead is more comfortable than the rubber, and without the rubber they are the perfect fit. I have to lather up in the shower to get them on but once they are on they stay without wrap. I’ve been wearing them this way for almost a year without any problems with the lead against skin. I’m pretty sure lead has to be inhaled or ingested to be toxic, but if you girth is less than six inches you will probably be comfy with the rubber on. Just don’t wear them going through airport security. I have a medal detector story, but I’ll save it for another thread.

Ummm.. BG, that material is lead (as you know).

This study showed that Lead Oxides (PbO, PbO2, etc.) can be absorbed through the skin. In addition they found that some soaps (Ivory Liquid cleanser was one that was tested) can significantly increase the amount absorbed. A 30 minute lead exposure that was then cleaned by Ivory Liquid cleanser experienced 7.97 times (12.9 to 62.1 ng/cm^2) the amount of absorption as a 24 hour exposure cleaned with water alone. When the skin had been damaged the absorption rate for the non-soap testing increase by a factor of 5.6. (The soap sample was 1.6 times that amount).

This survey used particulate samples of Lead Oxides, but I would still be concerned about the layer of lead oxide that you are pressing against your skin. Given that they used lead oxides in particulate form your absorption is probably significantly less.

Lead Oxides are a dull gray color, and form a thin outer layer on lead that has been exposed to the O2 in the atmosphere for any significant length of time. Pure lead is a bright, shiny bluish-white metal.

Because of similar chemical properties, the body confuses lead with calcium when ingested and incorporates it into the bone marrow, nerve tissue, brain, and kidneys. The body never decomposes the lead into another, more easily tolerated substance, because lead is an element.
.. At low concentration lead can adversely affect the brain, the central nervous system, blood cells, and kidneys. Blood lead concentrations as low as 10 ug/dl can impair mental and physical development. Lead at high concentrations (80 ug/dl or above) can cause convulsions, coma, and death. If you suspect lead poisoning, consult your physician immediately.

(2) “Long-term (chronic) overexposure”. Chronic overexposure to lead may result in severe damage to your blood - forming, nervous, urinary and reproductive systems. .. Chronic overexposure to lead also results in kidney disease with few, if any, symptoms appearing until extensive and most likely permanent kidney damage has occurred. ..
Chronic overexposure to lead impairs the reproductive systems of both men and women. Overexposure to lead may result in decreased sex drive, impotence and sterility in men.

There are a large number of other negative effects from lead poisoning.

All in all BG, I would highly recommend against using these lead weights without the rubber coating. In addition, I certainly would suggest that you don’t lube up with soap in order to get the non-rubberized lead onto your penis.

I have seen no data on the transmission rates of lead through rubber. There are probably some studies around given that this is a common method to encase lead weights. Given that it is common, it is probably effective, but I have no data on it.

I am not a doctor; this is not medical advice.


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Thanks for the info :)

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