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Donations needed.

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Rename this thread Ramrod goes gay and it will get more attention.

Hey guys, look -
1) It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Even Roussie and Petit can do it! (And they’re from Europe.)
2) It’s fast. Takes two minutes, just like when you have sex.
3) It’s affordable. What’s a buck or two?

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So about a week delivery time for 8x6 ?

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See, I donated early, w/o any urging.. Look at my stats! The PE Gods smiled upon thee..

There you go, Thunders. The checks in the mail, err aaa, should I say, The moneys on the way to you via Paypal. This is a great place, I couldn`t donate enough money to pay for the worth of this place.

You guys need to not make excuses.. JUST Make a Donation ITS :easy:

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I just sent twenty bucks.Not much but it’s all I can afford.And I personally see nothing wrong with Thunder shaking the branch once in awhile.Not everybody can afford a fifty dollar donation or whatever.So if Thunder needs dough,it’s up to those of us who can afford to give a little to do it.

Its good to support the place that supports you and its good karma too! Just sent $25.

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Thanks to everyone who has donated, past and present… of course it is optional but it is a small price to give back a little bit to keep this place running.

This probably should have been emphasized sooner IMO. We have a lot of new “faces” here who weren’t around the last time we had to make a donation push, they may not have known how critical a couple of bucks from different people is to this place.

I’ll see if I can scrounge something up myself.


All I could give was 10 bucks after my fuckin’ surgery and all the related expenses it brought about. I don’t donate to the forums on a regular basis but when I see a thread saying that we’re in a time of need it will bring out the generous part of me.

I’m here to not only learn but to help. I donated when I first joined and then spaced it out. I should have sent sooner so now I sent 40 and it is money well spent

Thanks Thunders and to all of the rest


Originally Posted by Slack
:xtop: Postwhore :D

Pot calling the kettle black….Mr. “169 in 24 hours”. :smack:


You already tried that last time. People have wised up to your tactics. :)

I would like to thank all of you new donators. Every single one of you should give yourself a pat on the back, for without you this forum wouldn’t be here. :thumbs:

It might be worth having an online graph showing the “donations bucket” as it relates to monthly site maintenance costs as a link from the home page. This would get the issue more in the front of peoples minds and give them an idea of where their donations go.

I work in IT so I’m always thinking of little ideas like this. Just a suggestion. :-)

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