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Donation time

Just donated…had some problems through paypal but the one trough Amazon should have worked.

I hope this will help me gaining since I’m still pretty much where I started from, but I’m glad I found this place.

TSS, sent you a little something - site still going strong!


Thunder, checking the balance of my card it seems nothing has still been processed, do usually payments through Amazon are instant or take some time?

Please, let me know if you get the payment, otherwise I’ll do it again.

I’m dumb, I just realized I didn’t click for the last it should really be done!

I’ve just joined a few days ago and this is my first post. Haven’t decided yet whether to do PE or not yet, as wife is very satisfied with my size. Wouldn’t mind a little extra for myself so I probably will.

Anyway, the forums look to be heavily informative and wildly entertaining and since you’ve done so much to help my fellow men, I’m in.

:) I’m sure you’ll put it too good use. :)


Hey Sam, welcome!

Who would have thought that the best place online for news, personal advise, and entertainment would be a wiener forum?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m not into PE anymore (mine is retired now). Members who remember me from when I was a more prolific poster know why. However, let me know how, where, and how much to donate and I’ll contribute. The last couple of months my wife and I had together were very fulfilling for both of us, partially due to the things we learned here at Thunder’s Place.


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