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Doing PE on an irregular basis?


Doing PE on an irregular basis?

I’ve posted a question for Horse440 on the Horse440’s discoloration thread. However I would like to extend this question for the rest of you.

Horse talks about doing PE on an irregular basis:

Originally posted by Horse440
I do PE as irregularly as I possibly can. One day on, two off, one on, five off, five on in a row, a week off… etc. I always let my penis “think” he's getting used to the routine and then fool it.

And then, when it least expects it I give it a solid 4 hour shock session.

Then I give it a rest.

Irregularity, I've found, is very good in PE, at least, for me.

My question:

Does anyone else here practice the same irregular routine?

And if so:

How long have you been doing this for? And in all this time, have you managed to avoid plateaus due to this irregularity?

What is your average days on per month?

And lastly - on your rest days, do you do any PE related activity (hot wraps, stretches, little jelqing or whatever) or none at all?


These are all very pertinent questions, I’ll be keen to know the answers!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve been on a very irregular routine for a little over month, but I will not measure until x-mas or so to know if I’ve gained anything(… Anyways I think I’ve got bigger) Since it’s irregular and “non professional” I’m not sure maw many days/month, but I think 10 +/- 3.

I promise that I’ll let you know. :)

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

I also have a very shaky routine.I always make sure i never have more than 3 rest days.that is the only thing that i make sure of.

I think i am like this mainly due to the fact of the “shrinking dick”
syndrome.Been happining lately due to the fact that im at the 2 month mark and have started doing jelqs 80%erect and started horses.

I do agree with horses routine and i belive that fooling it can help some of you pe vets get past some plateus.


Originally posted by Johan
I've been on a very irregular routine for a little over month, but I will not measure until x-mas or so to know if I've gained anything(… Anyways I think I've got bigger) Since it's irregular and “non professional” I'm not sure maw many days/month, but I think 10 +/- 3.

Why have started this irregular routine, and in your rest days do you do any PE related activity?

Good luck with your next measuring.

Re: Johan

Originally posted by Braker

Why have started this irregular routine, and in your rest days do you do any PE related activity?

Good luck with your next measuring.

Thanks Braker,
To answer your questions.. I’m not too proud but have to say that it’s over 50% laziness not having a regular routine, but still it’ll be interesting to see if this kind of “routine” will offer me some gains. Other things that I were thinking was that I’ll PE (=jelq, squeeze) when my penis wants me to, and that I’ve got more social life compared to before with my new girlfriend ;) (=not too much spare time to PE). I only do some pee stretches in my rest days.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

mine is all over the place…it depends what im in the mood for and what kind of time i have…if im tired ill do some streches and bruisers and if ive just taken a shower ill jelq if im in the car and think of it ill do some kegels…i really have no “set” routine

I’ll chime in on this one too. I personally was in the Marines when I began PE a few years ago. It was about a year before I got out and I was married at the time (so I lived in housing in case you couldnt figure out the privacy/barracks thing). I was infantry so, there were many months where my PE (PENIS ENLARGEMENT…The Marines was regular trust me) schedule was very erratic. I mean I would have weeks where I would get 5 days on 2 off…then the next week we’d go to the field and I wouldnt do anything for two weeks. BUT, I still made decent gains in that time period considering.

Thanks for all the replies. I wish Horse was around to add his input aswell.

The fact that it’s possible to gain with an irregular routine is obvious, but what I’m really interested in is not trying to cut off my workouts because I’m too lazy (though I wouldn’t mind if it will proof to be worth it), but rather to find out if any veterans have found that changing their routine to be more irregular has benefited them in avoiding or breaking plateaus, or if any veterans have practiced this kind of routine from the time they started PE and feel it has effected their gains.

Anyone else can add something here? Even if you’ve just heard of other people doing it, or maybe you have some thoughts on this.

Maybe we can come up with a new experiment for the people that are in a plateau and wish to try something new in order to break it.

Any thoughts?



I started PE on July 2000 and adopted a standard daily routine.

For a while I had none, or very little gains.

After starting to do it irregularly I started seeing a lot more gains, but I must stress this: shock routines were always a part of my program!

Shock routines are a real kick to the system and I’ve found them to be very effective together with the irregular “training”.

As for gains I never intended to get much lenght, I was very interested in girth. However I found that I kept gaining lenght and went from 18,5 cm (7.28”) to 20 cm (7,87”) which is my present lenght WITHOUT trying to gain lenght. I did do a lot of jelqing as a prep for the girth exercises and I guess me penis was very receptive to lenght growth.

I had very poor girth starting out, at 11,7 cm (4.6”) and I didn’t gain much using the usual exercises. That’s when I came up with “the horse” as everyone calls it now. And it was a real breakthrough for me. I am now at 13,3 cm (5,24”) and restarting to gain.

For girth, that’s a lot of gain. Enough to feel much tighter during vaginal penetration and enough for my wife to notice.

My goal would be 15 cm (5.9”), but then again that’s what everybody wants :) . However, I’m very satisfied with my current girth and would be very content to get closer to 14 cm (5.51”), but if I don’t, then I guess 13,5 (5.31”) would be fine.

Sorry to take so long to post anything but I’ve been working since the 18th of november, straight through weekends, non stop. I think I might be able to stop next tuesday, the 10th, but I’m not sure.

Cheers everyone.

Thanks Horse,

I’ve been trying to get some feedback from users about this irregular routine idea, but it seems that not many people do it, or do it long enough to compare this to the regular routines.

I think it’s a very interesting concept and should be explored further.

Can you elaborate on your shock routines?

I'm one

Braker, I’ve been pe-ing irregularly now for about a month, which I’ve been hoping will really work for me, because I am not a very routine type person, and for one other reason.

I’m not a slacker, it’s just that my ideal recovery time seems to change from session to session.

I’ve gotten decent gains from regular workouts twice in the past, but I’ve also sustained some time-consuming injuries doing it that way.

This time, I’m going to go non-routine for about one more month and then measure. That’s when I’ll find out for sure if it is working. I think I’m feeling some gain in girth.

Oh, and by the way, I’m injury-free after the first month.


Can you elaborate on any pattern or non-pattern of days-on/days-off during that month?

I know you haven’t measured yet - but do you feel this new irregular routine is better for you than your previous regular one (apart from the injury issue - which of course is very important as well)? I’m talking about things like - how is your flaccid hang in between workouts as compared to the old routines you used? How much of a pump you get while doing your workouts? etc.

And - do you do any PE related activity in your days off or none at all?

Keep us posted with any results,

Good luck!

I love it so far...

I don’t really have any pattern this time.

Okay, not everybody is going to think I’m quite sane here, but I’m basically using the same principles I discovered with weight training.
The first one is that I never push any exercise past the point where it starts to really hurt. I really yank and squeeze pretty hard most of the time, but for me, exercizes shouldn’t really hurt while I’m doing them, just later during recovery.

The second one took me years to learn—I never train when I’m still sore (even slightly) from the last workout. How do I know just when that perfect time is? When I can poke or push on any of my muscles, without soreness or pain, I am ready right then for my next workout.
If I wait too long past that point to work out again, my muscles and the gains will begin to atrophy.
So, If I can pull or poke my dick and it still feels sore, I just wait. As soon as I feel no soreness, I work out.

I’m currently doing squeezes, and stretches, no jelqing this time. So far, so good.

I tell you what—I love this new “non-routine”. I never feel like I have to workout sore, Everything seems to take less time, is easier to concentrate on results, less on going through the motions. I do stretches at one time, squeezes another, head squeezes at yet another time. I try to goup them in the same 12-hour period, though.
If I pull a solid hour out of my day to do all PE at once, it wears me out, and it’s hard to get bathroom privacy for that long :)

My flaccid length has been great (most of the time-you know what a cold gust of wind will do to your dick when you’re peeing in your back yard in the winter:) )

Of course, the real proof will be in the pudding, but I really hope this works, because I love it.

And do you sometimes take more than 2 days off?

I’m on a break from PE (only some very occasional stretching) for 10 days. I think I’ll start again tomorrow and this time I will try an irregular routine based on instincts, or, if my instincts are not clear, on a random basis. I will also try throwing in some shock sessions from time to time (which are, as I understand it, just very long and intense workouts).

I’ll keep you posted.

dad2four and anyone else that practice this routine or has thoughts on the issue, please keep posting in this thread with any updates you might have.

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