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Doing PE on an irregular basis?


Believe it or not, once in a while it’ll take three whole days for me to completely recover from soreness. Sometimes, I can PE two days in a row with no soreness problem.

This variance in recovery time is why I decided to get away from following an arbitrary schedule.

If this non-routine works, I’m hoping as a side benefit I’ll also be able to avoid the dreaded plateau syndrome I keep hearing about.


I think what you’re saying is pretty interesting.

You mentioned that in weight training you poke or push on any of your muscles to feel that there’s no pain so you know you’re ready for another workout.

How exactly do you check this with PE? You poke and stretch your penis and as long as you feel any soreness you keep resting?

Cause I don’t seem to remember being so aware of any soreness after workouts, maybe I haven’t noticed it enough.

Braker, yes, I actually poke, but mostly pull or squeeze my dick to see if it’s recovered fully. If it’s repaired itself well, a quick yank on it isn’t going to hurt at all. If it’s not repaired itself well, I can definitely feel that it hasn’t, though it isn’t terribly painful. It’ll feel tight and a little sore.

This may not be that common to others, but after lifting weights literally hundreds of times over 22 years, and do not remember even once not being sore two days after a lift.
I mean that it hurts to push on that muscle, and it is too sore to fully extend without at least slight pain. 5 or 6 days after my last lift and I’m ready to go again. I do make strength gains at a reasonable rate, though.
Thank goodness my dick heals at a faster rate than my pecs :)

Hi Guys

I’ve been lurking on this site for a few weeks now and can i just say that i LOVE IT, i visit everyday sometimes twice just to catch up with what is being said.

I’am not used writing on forums but felt i could possibly give something back on this subject. Being a ex bodybuilder one of the most important things i learned was not to over train. It amazes me to hear how regular and how long some of you guys train for!
I have been PEing for about 1 year, i did not sign up to a pay site but searched the web after seeing adverts for various PE sites(i wish i had found this site back then). i managed to get an idea about basic streching and jelking.
I strarted to do bit now and again when i was in the shower sometimes 1,2 maybe 3 times aweek then maybe miss a week for no more than 10 mins. I was’nt convinced that PE would work so i did not do it relegously.
Boy was i was i wrong within a year i have gained exactly.

2 inch el
1 inch eg

Needless to to i am delighted with the results and put it down to not over training! I have taken my time never been to sore that i could not train if i wanted to and have never injurd myself.

Hope this is of some help and many thanks for the great site.

Hi massive member and welcome to the board,

I know exactly how you feel about this place, that’s what I felt when I first found it: ‘wish I was here from the beginning!’ :)

However better late than never!

These are *amazing* gains you had! Well done! And it sure gives a lot of food for thought regarding the irregular routine idea.

This thread is getting to be more and more interesting..

dad2four -

I think you gave us a real good hint there. I will start to poke, stretch and squeeze my penis before attempting to start another workout so I can get a feeling to when it is fully recovered.

Unfortunately I do know that however productive this routine may prove, it is not a law written in stone, because there are many examples of the opposite:

Bib got 4.5 inches from hanging almost constantly for years.

I personally broke a girth plateau by changing my routine to 2 sessions a day instead of one (in a 5 on 2 off week).

So sometimes it does work to keep going at it.

However after a month of this heavy 2 sessions a day routine in which I broke my plateau, the second month of the same routine I didn’t gain at all..

So maybe this 1 month was somehow a shock routine as horse440 calls it. It shook my systems and surprised my body but after a while it become too much and counter productive.

There’s two things we should consider when talking about irregular routine:

1. Allowing your penis to recover fully each time before you start another workout.

2. Surprising (or “shocking”) your penis with different routines (different length of sessions, different times of day, different days in the week, different exercises, etc.), so it won’t become accustomed to any one way of doing things.

This need for change is evident in the way jelqing loses it’s effectiveness for many members after some time, or the horses which usually give big gains in the first month or two and then much less after.

These two ideas (sufficient recovery time and randomness for the surprise factor) don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

What do you think?


I stopped PE’ing about 2 months ago after putting in 2 solid months as a newbie. I did get gains from the first 2 months. Now i Jelq and Horse squeeze roughly ever second or third shower. What i try to do is a minimum of jelq’s (100-150) but make them quality, as in, I know Iv’e done them for the rest of the day. But I kegel habitually, and to no set repetition. if I ‘m at work I will work the muscle for 10x5 sec or 50 x 1 sec, but whenever i conciously think about it. My goal is to (at least for now) keep on PE’ing regularly, but without the hardcore routine aspect. It’s such an individual thing especially as we all get react differently, that I don’t want to stress about results, or I’ll probably just give up.

Ideally it would be nice to continue with this for a year or so and one day discover girth and length increases that are measurable…..I don’t want a huge dick, just an admirable version.


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