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Doing multiple exercises

Doing multiple exercises

For those of you guys who do multiple things(Hanging and Jelqing, Clamping and Jelqing, ect.) How much time do you wait in between exercises or do you? Do you wait before doing the next thing? The reason I ask is because I hang, jelq, and clamp. I never do all three in one day, I usually hang and jelq, or clamp and hang, but I never clamp and jelq. How long should I wait in between exercises?

I believe its a good idea to jelq after you clamp, that way you can get fresh blood to the glans.

5/1/04 Before: 6.75x4.75" started back up again. 2/1/06 7 4/16x5" 3/1/06 7 7/16x5"

Goal: 8.5x6"

focusing on length now with stretches, hanging, and jelqing

I only get an erection between the two and then continue to the following exercise

I don’t wait more than a minute or two. I see no reason to wait unless you are doing a split program.

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