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Doing Kegels Wrong?

Doing Kegels Wrong?

I was just doing a big set of kegels and I think I am doing them wrong. I’ve read over and over to stop peeing midstream and kegel with the muscle that you use to do that… well I have that under control.

However, I noticed that if I kegel with a semi-erection, my penis bobs up and down. Am I flexing my ligs or is it supposed to do that when I kegel? I have noticed that my butt hole sort of tenses up when doing kegels which I read is what is supposed to happen. I’m just wondering if the penis is supposed to bob if semi-erect while kegeling.

Also, I find it hard to hold a kegel for longer than a few seconds. I’d say that I max out at around 5 seconds.

And as far as reverse-kegels go, I can simulate the “pushing” that is exhibited when urinating, but when I do that my stomach muscles tense up too, is that supposed to happen or am I doing that one wrong?

It sounds like you are right on trak. The keggle is stopping pee mid stream, the reverse is peeing as hard as you can.

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It sounds like you are on the right track about the Kegels. When I first started doing them, I could not hold them for long than a couple of seconds too and I realized my problem. I was trying to squeeze my pc muscle so hard every time i did the exercise. What you have to do, is contract your pc muscle, but not with so much effort….don’t max out your squeeze. This worked for me and now I can actually do a full out squeeze and hold it for a long time. Oh, same thing with reverse kegel. If i push to hard, i can feel it in my stomach, so take it a lil bit easier.

As for the bobbing up and down when you are semi-erect, I can do that too. If i flex my PC muscle, I can make my penis move with very little effort. My guess, is that we have extra strong pc muscles to start with. What you are doing is really the towel raise exercise but just with no towel. Some girls are actually impressed with my “power” to move my penis…lol.

Originally posted by coolguy54321
Some girls are actually impressed with my “power” to move my penis…lol.

The ladies love penis tricks!

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