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Doing DLD Blasters every 8 hours

Doing DLD Blasters every 8 hours

I would really like to stretch more during the day in order to gain some length. I want to try DLD Blasters every 8 hours, every day. Why 8 hours? Because I read that after 8 hours the lig tears are healed. If you stretch before those 8 hours it’s completely ineffective. I not only put stress under my shaft but I also put stress on both of my sides. I use 2 fingers to create the stress. For instance I’ll do this every 8 hours:

Regular stretches
4 sets 15 seconds-pull straight out
4 sets 15 seconds-pull down
4 sets 15 seconds-pull left
4 sets 15 seconds-pull right

DLD stretches
10 sets under the shaft
10 sets hitting the left side
10 sets hitting the right side

I think this is a great way to get some length gains. What do you think? Is it too much?

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If you’ve got the time and your body can fully heal that quickly, I say go for it!

mike, where did you read that info about the ligs? Is it a proven fact?

Originally posted by holmsy
mike, where did you read that info about the ligs? Is it a proven fact?

Yea, you may want to check more refs to make sure that is the correct healing time.

I read about it from here. I’ve been trying to find the thread about 8 hours stretching but can’t. I remember one of you in here said 8 hours was the recovery time.

Well maybe........................

most likely it was here or peforum. If it was here it is in the hanger’s forum probablly. just looks for lig questions in there. On PE Forums it is in general discussion since we don’t have a deedicated hanger section most likely too.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Found it! It’s at The name of the thread is “More Frequent Stretching” under General Conversation page 3.

Do they cite any reference or is it simply a stated opinion someone posted?

It’s just a opinion someone posted.

Are DLD Blasters the same thing as V-stretches or what? Please explain what they are if they’re something different

DLD Blasters are a routine, V-stretches are an exercise, which can be incorporated in a routine.

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Where can I find out what the DLD Blaster routine is? Here on the thunder boards preferably

Originally Posted by vkn1
Where can I find out what the DLD Blaster routine is? Here on the thunder boards preferably

Like mem said, it is a routine based on the A-stretch. I`m sure you can find out what the A-stretch is if you do a search here.

The theory behind the Blasters is that your PC-muscle may “hold back” when stretching. Doing a kegel and then a reverse kegel should help to avoid this making a more effective stretch.

Copied this from my progress journal:

DLD Blasters: 1. Stretch penis upwards and do 100 quick kegels.
2. Get into the A-stretch and perform a solid stretch. In this position do a 5-sec kegel. Then
do a reverse kegel and stretch with maximum force for 5 seconds.
3. Repeat step 1 and 2, 50 times.

I’ve heard from a few of the Athletic Trainers in my Sports Med. class that stretching “five times a day, three sets of 30 seconds each” is a good routine to be effective.

I’m not sure about the validity of that statement, but it proposes that maybe stretching should be done more frequently than just once a day. I’m going to try something like that when I start PE back up. Let us know if this multiple stretching per day works for you :)

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