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Does your penis grow in stages


Does your penis grow in stages

I’ve noticed that my dick will grow for 2 days then level off for 3 weeks or so. Then on the 4th or 5th week it grows again for 2 days and repeats the cycle. Has anyone noticed that theirs grows in stages? Is this normal?

When I gained at my best I always had these growth spurts. Nothing happened for a looong time, and then suddenly over the course of a few days, I gained. And then a long period of nothing again. And then another gain. Etc.

Now it seems like I gain just a tiny little all the time instead.

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I had last night aching pains in my cock which I suspect (well hope!) were growing pains.. Cannot measure for another few weeks so fingers crossed!

First measurement July 07: BPEL - 7" - EG 5.2" .. 6 month target: BPEL - 7.5" - EG - 5.6"

Going majorly for Girth, Length for show.. Girth for a Pro.

Does anyone else have any experiences with gains in stages?

Originally Posted by johnny1985
I had last night aching pains in my cock which I suspect (well hope!) were growing pains.. Cannot measure for another few weeks so fingers crossed!

Pain. Bad.

From my limited experiences anyways.

Starting Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG (April 14, 2010)

Current Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.8125 MSEG

This is why measuring can be discouraging.

I seem to grow in spurts as well.


Measuring is definitely discouraging. It seems to look and feel thicker but the ruler says otherwise :(

Now that you mention it, I seem to grow in spurts aswell, as is evident by my wonky gaining in my ‘PE statistics’ page.

Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

Short term goal: (3-4 months) 6.8" BPEL, 5.0" EG.. Long term goal (1+ yr): 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG.

Didn’t I just read somewhere on this site that the “average” gain is about an inch in the first three months (the famous “newbie gains”)? Of course that can’t be right; certainly not average, and for a lot of us who don’t share that experience, just plain discouraging to read about.

I get the strong feeling that for every guy who posts amazing gains on this site, there are hundreds, literally hundreds of members and lurkers who are seeing absolutely no gains at all, or very minimal gains. It would be interesting to hear from more of those, and get a better idea of the “average” gains to be expected from PE.

Muggles begin to search for old posts, like 2002 or 2003, then you will see a lot of guys who have the following thing in common, Join Date: 2002, Posts: 130 (just hypothetically) most of the these guys quit PE(or something else off course) , that’s because I always talk about PE being a long-term thing, because if you be too rushy you may quit too easily!

Mine grows roughly about 0.2 inches in length and 0.1 in girth every month so far, so I guess I have been lucky.

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aom91, yep, you’re lucky! But I’m not giving up either. I may have had some slight gains, but anything under 1/4” I ignore, since erections and measurements can vary. Just waiting to hit that unequivocal 6” NBPEL (I’m at about 6.25” BPEL, 5.75” NBPEL right now, or maybe just a tad above that since resuming jelqing) and Phyriel, you’re right, it’s a long-term thing. Not everyone grows the same. Some gradual, some in growth spurts, some slowly, some quickly, some a combination of all of the above at different times. I suggest we found an Institute of Penile Studies to really get to the bottom of these questions. On second thought - lets just keep doing PE and hoping for the best!

Originally Posted by Phyriel
Guys forget about the ruler for a time!

Guys, measuring is your friend! Check out what happened to this guy and what I posted…

One year…. and shorter? Help!!

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