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does weightlifting immediately after PE improve progress?

does weightlifting immediately after PE improve progress?

I’ve often heard that working out large muscle groups (squat, deadlift, power cleans) releases growth hormones. If this is in sufficient quantities to repair and enlarge muscle, it should be enough to help the penis grow after a good PE session.

I have been trying really hard to work out heavily immediately following a hang or squeeze routine to get the most out of it - Should this even be a factor?

What are your thoughts/experiences regarding this?

The idea is that if you work your legs, which contain the largest muscles in your body, your body releases more GH and Testosterone than it would with – say – your biceps. A lot of bodybuilders have used this to “trick” the body into preparing a hormonal environment for leg training (high) while they are actually training their chest or what have you. Although I think this idea is inherently flawed, it can work with enough patience and restraint. The workout plan you are describing is actually the opposite of what you are doing. Giving up on the argument of whether or not this theory actually works, you would want to do squats immediately before your PE workout. That generally doesn’t go over too well in a gym, though.

Ironically, your PE workout is likely to be hindered immediately following heavy lifting. Personally, I think its wise to separate your weightlifting and your PE both in timing and thinking. Worry more about timing your PE workouts when you are most likely to do it safely, effectively, and consistently.

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its by far more likely to help than it is too hinder.

go for it,


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It probably doesn’t matter when you do it. If you’re actively PE’ing your dick is always rebuilding and responsive to hormones. More is better whenever you can get it.


as a bodybuilder i can say that it does not really matter when you PE regarding the release of GH or test.

However the best time to PE IMO would be at night about 1 hour or so before bedtime. This is because all muscle growth and tissue repair in the body occurs at night. Most of it in the early stages of sleep and deep sleep. By releasing more testoterone, your body will release more LH (lutinizing Hormone) which is responsible for the release of GH in the body. Also since you are a bodybuilder, you will likely eat a nice slow digesting meal of protein and carbs to fuel your repair and since your member will still be engorged, the blood flow to your unit will be better than normal which could lead to better gains due to the reapir factor. Thats my theory anyway :)

Training heavy in the gym with movements like the squat/deadlift etc. will improve your release of test and GH but taking supplements like Bulgarian Tribulus will also improve blood flow into the corpus(sp).

So bottom line is yes train heavy and often but make sure that your PE is a 1-3 hours after so your body is relaxed and not tight and prone to injury. Wether you train at night or in the morning does not really matter with regards to the release of GH or LH as long as the stress or intensity is high.



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My idea on this whole topic is thus:

Exercise is good for you, right? This does not need to be proven.

PE works, yes? The results of possibly thousands of guys on the forums alone will attest to this.

The more you exercise, the more you benefit (bar overtraining)

different types of physical training have a synergistic effect, if you do alot of cardio-vascular, say jogging, then heavy weights may be more effective and vice versa, because of the fact that one type of training focusses on one major system in your body which is in turn, improved by the other. In this case, lungs/veins and muscles (if you know what the hell I’m talking about…) :D

So exercise as much as possible. As long as you don’t overtrain in any area (or a combination of areas) the overall effect should be very positive.

Not to mention that the less body fat you have, the bigger your unit looks :)



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