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Does stretched FL mean anything????

Does stretched FL mean anything????

I can safely say that I am a solid 7.000 BPEL, now.

The question is, does my stretched FL of 7.750 have an influance on my possible future ‘real’ gains??

If it does, I guess I am pretty happy. How many of you pay attention to it as a measurement of what will be possible in the future. I would like some real life answers,if possible.

6/12/05 6.5 BPEL 5.125 EG 1 week! 6.875 x 5.375 UPDATE.. 7/28/05 OK, I would say I`m a SOLID 7.000 now!! Squeezing out 7.250 BPEL!! OH! Wait a second.. Now I`ve hit 7.375. New numbers!!! 12/7/05 7.625 BPEL!!!!!! Hang long, hang strong! Hey!! This shit works!!! :thumbs:

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
If the FSL increases, and the BPEL doesnt, then the theory is you will gain BPEL soon.

So what your saying is that if your FSL is longer then your BPEL, that you should be able to gain up to what your FSL is in time???

My Starting Stats July 11, 2005 NBPEL: 6.05 EG: 5.25 NBPFL: 4.15 FG: 4.60 My Goal: NBPEL: 7.00 EG: 6.00

Originally Posted by Stupendamatic
So what your saying is that if your FSL is longer then your BPEL, that you should be able to gain up to what your FSL is in time???



Month 1


Month 2


The theory is with a 1/2 inch gain in BPFSL, then a 1/2 inch gain in BPEL will follow.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

For me it seems that when the FSL increases so does the EL, could be different for different people?

I for sure hope that it will turn in to EL for you :)

You seem to have some impressing gains going on!

Did you measure SFL when you started PE? I meen have your SFL increased more than your EL?
If so I would think that it would turn into EL, just takes a little more time.

For me, SFL is normally 0.5” longer than by EL. So if I suddenly measure 0.7”, I expect to gain 0.2” EL in the next few weeks. For some the difference is more, for some less. Find your own difference early — it’s exciting to know EL gains are coming!

Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log

It always seemed to be about 3 weeks after BPFSL gains that BPEL caught up the same amount for me. I guess some tissues in the 3D erect shape of the penis take a little time to match the tougher tissues that have appeared in the BPFSL, even if it’s just fascia or internal CC structures or something.

Some people here say doing BTB jelqing correctly targeting the 2 CC’s behind the balls in the inner penis (which BIB did) is good for converting flaccid gains into erect gains because you give better bloowflow to the whole penis allowing the erect potential to be shown, something like that. Do a search for BTB jelqing. You should still be careful back there is attempting BTB jelqing and look up some anatomy charts before you attempt it because the cowpers gland and perenium is back there and you have the potential to get brown blood streaks in your semen which is not really a big deal according to some, but of course you don’t want that…

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