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Does plump and showing mean growning?

Does plump and showing mean growning?

I was thinking that of course overtraining makes you recede and turtle…but is that just a short term annoyance for a long term benefit? Could it be if we persevered through that period, jelquing away that we would have some good gains?


I wouldn’t say constant over training is good. I mean, in my first PE days I over trained a lot. This resulted in me not bring able to achieve a full erection, no morning wood etc. I grew scared. But after a few days of rest, my penis seemed back to full strength.

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I used to overtrain all the time. I would not do PE for a few days, then I’d overtrain for one day and get no results and would be turtling all day.

I believe the key is consistency on a daily basis and moderate intensity is what has helped me. Also, I have tend to stop watching porn, as someone else said, it can put stress on the penis if you do this right after a workout. I may do it before a workout for 10 minutes, but that’s it.

My theory is if you start out with a “light” routine and work your way up, that is when you will grow. If you go “all-out” to begin with, your body will try to adapt and then you REALLY have to go “all-out” again for any growth.

Like me, when I was a newbie, I tried going all out because I thought I’d get gains quicker. I found out the hard way this isn’t so.

This is why I believe newbies can gain so easily if they do their routine right. Their penis is unconditioned and even if their routine is light, their penis isn’t used to it so it grows. As they start adding a few minutes more there and a few minutes there, it keeps growing because it takes time to adapt.

Just my thoughts :)

Whenever I over train I stop for some time and it helps. I have noticed two times that when I take longer break - like week or more - my dick seems to be bigger thanks to that break….just like my dick was growing in this period. The longer I PE I learn to listen to my body…my dick needs to have more days for rest than others…PEing every single day is not a good solution for everyone.

I have been on a bit of a rest lately and it is growing a bit with better erections.

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.



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