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Heres the link for lil12big1’s side by side pictures.

Measurement pics

Originally Posted by theswan
If you haven’t heard by now, what they are actually doing is dangerously pushing the bones apart at the clavicular area and giving the impression that the neck is being permanently stretched— xrays have shown this to be true.. Look it up- you’ll learn a little something.. Saying that they now have longer necks is like saying you have a longer nose because you jammed zygomatic bones in further

Yes, I know. Something with pushing the collar bones down. Even Asians do craziness like that with the foot binding deal. However the principle of tissue traction is real. One does not have to go further than skin grafting and other reconstructive remedies for people unfortunate enough to suffer from them. Phalloplasty now requires every lengthening procedure to involve weight Hung by the person for it to work.

I can perfectly understand that you have questions, that is natural and I don’t think many people wholeheartedly embraced without skepticism this concept when they washed up on the shores of this site. Give it an honest effort, what is the worst thing that you can really think of,if you actually did this? Plus we are not requiring that you pass us any money for this information on here.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by jackdaniel

The opinion of Dr. Ray Sahelian.. I think Dr. Ray would be pretty confused reading thunder’s!


Praise the Lord PE is the Devils work!!!!

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Originally Posted by theswan
…. double long daddy or whatever his name is ….

Here, at Thunder’s, we have changed his name to “Digitally Long Dick,” otherwise known as DLD.


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Partyman, you're a little man aren't you

All that yelling and insecurity- freud would say that you got picked on a lot and you have very few sex partners.. Just the hurts doesn’t it.

If what I wrote made you get upset, you should reconsider why you feel that way because legitamate concerns are brought up by these issues— if you can’t talk about them in an adult manner, I suggest you go back to your blow up doll and ask her for an opinion—

Hey Theswan,

Please take it down a notch. Read the forum guidelines. You, too, Partyman. The basic rule about posting is, attack to idea, not the poster.

Please take this seriously. Verbal abuse is not tolerated here.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

The thing is, Swan. You skepticism is as welcome here as a newbie’s exuberance. We were all skeptics in the beginning. You won’t see spam on this site, and trolls don’t last long. However, as long as you are civil and stay within the Forum Guidelines your negitivity will be here probably long after you are gone. In fact this thread will probably get pretty heated before all is said and done, then again, sometimes these typ of threads just get ignored, at least by the vets. I personally love a good tussle, as long as it stays civil. How much Thunder and the MODs will tolerate might be a different story. But, you try posting anti-PE scepticisme like this on MOS or Betterman, or any of the other enlargement sites and see how fast you get flamed if not banned. You say anything negative about DLD or any of the money making products they are pushing at Betterman and your thread will simply disappear. You complain about censorship, YOU will disappear. It has happen to me, not banned, but censored. I posted a thread over there about one of their rip-off products which had gotten quite a few sympathizers who felt they too had been ripped off and thread was down in less than ten minutes. I was probably banned as well, I don’t know for sure because when I saw that they had pulled my thread for fairly written complaint, I never went back. In fact I stay away from all the other PE sites now, because this one is the only one that counts. If you do some research you will find this to be true. No one is trying to convince you that PE works for everyone, it probably doesn’t. Not everyone here will gain 4” of erect length. But some will, some have. I DO believe that any man who gives PE a real shot will come away with at least a somewhat more impressive flaccid hang and probably more girth and ALWAYS a better working dick. PE has completely cured my ED and given me a big fat flaccid that doesn’t embarrass me in the locker room or at the nudist camps. Hell if I get nothing more than this, IT WAS WORTH IT.

Welcome aboard

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Oh Swan, you are just to sharp and insightfull for the likes of us evil penis contraption hucksters, really you are. The fact is PE doesn’t work!!

Originally Posted by theswan
Bla bla bla… 1- 1.5 inches of solid growth in the first month of PE- that just isn’t possible.. If something smells like a fish, swims like a fish, tastes like a fish then it’s a fish.and quite a few postings are fishy..bla bla…

..So, does it work? For some , maybe. Some never get ANY gains…and I haven’t seen documented proof from ANYONE from the very beginning , showing that it’s worked..Bla bla bla bla bla bla!!!

That being said, as a man, we are all suckers and want this to be true and we selectively choose what we want to believe..bla bla…

is this whole forum a way for bib, monkeybar, and other PE vendors to make money and play on our insecurities?

Bla bla….bla bla bla…Bla!!…

… You are ignorant if you don’t think there’s something fishy here..bla bla bla…

..putting false hope in people’s minds and playing on their insecurities isn’t right .. Sellling $200 contraptions which cost about $20 to make is nothing short of profiting from someone’s insecurities.

Don’t read much, do you?
Go take a look at what newbies are told when asking which pump to buy: “F*ck that make your own for $30, here is a link…”

Hanging? “Well yes the Bib is worth every penny but why not make a Wench for under $20 and see if you like hanging first, here is a link…”

Stretchers like penis master? “Sigh…here is a link to make an ADS for under 5 friggin dollars.”

Pills? “MWWAHAHAAAA!!!!!”

Oh but what about when they ask if they have realistic goals? ” Well noob, this PE stuff does work but if you aren’t in it for the long haul bugger off. Some guys do make uber fast gains, just like some guys loose 50lbs in 4 months on slimfast, go look up the word “atypical.” A realistic goal to shoot for is an inch in a year if you really dedicate your self to PE. Be forewarned, we have plenty of guys that work it like a fiend and don’t get 1/2 an inch in a year.”

If by documented proof you mean a scientific study conducted over a period of years with a large group of men doing PE and their identical twins acting as a control group you won’t find one anywhere. If the before and after data bases, personal progress logs, and experiments we have conducted are not to your likeing that is your problem not ours.

In short Sir, I can only say: Waaa f*cking waaa!

(Bla bla, bla bla bla bla!)

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I’m documented proof PE works :D

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PE is longterm and usually slow as racing snails I have been at it 5 years and in that time I have gained 2.25 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. I could have easily given up like most people do. I agree with you 100% on some sites just being after the money but this ain’t one of them you found the free PE oasis in the desert.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hey Swan,
healthy skepticism is a GOOD thing. And the internet is rife with scams and lies. And if it was all just based on talk, I could even believe that people were suffering from mass hysteria, and somehow feeding off of one another to create an uninentional hoax. BUT!

It isn't all talk, there are plenty of before and after pictures floating around

I have pictures myself. Pictures that are clear and I feel show a gain that would be difficult to dispute.

At one point, so it is said, most of the civilized world believed the earth was flat. Now most people would agree it is not. We are on to something here, something that challenges dogma and goes against convention. You have been lucky enough to stumble on to the #1 site for PE. Do more reading, post legitimate questions, and give PE a fair shake, and decide for yourself later on where you stand. Coming into it with your mind made up, if that is what you are doing, isn’t fair to anyone.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I think Swan is a great example of how a negative pessimistic mind isn’t constructive. He probably has the same type problems in other aspects of his life.

Swan gets a tip from a friend, the year is 1985 Swam’s friend tells him of a up and coming software company called Microsoft. Swam doesn’t have the empirical evidence of the impending success of this Microsoft company. Swam tells his friend no thanks he will invest in a sure thing and then Swam puts a load of money in a typewriter company.

I like how people like Swam aren’t content to just not do PE. That they feel the need to post and save us from ourselves. You’re absolutely correct Swam PE doesn’t work.

Now run along and leave us morons here to tug on our penises.:)

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Theswan, these arguements about what are real gains and what is possible will continue forever. I think you’re right that people should not get their hopes so high that they’re going to “grow” their penis X inches in a few short months.

IMO the early reports of “WOW an inch in 6 weeks” that some people make are the combination of a) better erection quality, b)more “aggressive” BP measuring and c)a tiny underlying real growth. As time goes on any apparent gains due to a) and b) eventually become impossible. Eventually the only way to get bigger measurements is c). From personal experience a realistic value for c) is 0.3”-0.4” in length and 0.15” in girth in a year. Not spectacular but a real result for me.

On the subject of selling stuff - making items in small batches and selling them to one-off customers is not the path to commercial riches. Any enterprise like that has to charge a fairly high unit price to cover all their costs. If anyone doesn’t want to pay for a ready made device all the information is here free to make your own.

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:D PE doesn’t work ! My stats are a good proof.

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soon to be nine.

Originally Posted by theswan
Of course, insecurity is the mother of sarcasm and jest—
Truth is, like the previous poster astutely stated, that erection growth is NOT the same as penis growth.. To say that someone has gone from 5” to 9” is ridiculous— ironically the man with one of the biggest growths, double long daddy or whatever his name is, happens to have a tremendous amount to gain — is it just irony that a guy who gains more than anyone known in PE happens to also be making a ton of money? Go check matters of size and see what’s up.. You are ignorant if you don’t think there’s something fishy here..

Otherwise, maybe 1” in true gain is possible in spans of MULTIPLE MONTHS at best.. But putting false hope in people’s minds and playing on their insecurities isn’t right .. Sellling $200 contraptions which cost about $20 to make is nothing short of profiting from someone’s insecurities.

Except for the link (thank you), your concerns have been covered in previous discussions. For that reason I don’t see the necessity to be all pissed off and aggressive about your worries that there is something fishy about this.

regards, mgus

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