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Does jelqing make your shoulders tense?

Does jelqing make your shoulders tense?

Does the hunched over, rope pulling action of jelqing sessions make your shoulders tense?

I get a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.

Nope, but I’m pretty short on length so the range of movement is less….

Yeah, it’s probably not the healthiest repetitive motion in the world. More soreness in forearm parts (not exactly muscles, methinks…) for me.

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Ziggie - Why are you asking newbie questions? Don’t you think we’re getting enough of them right now? (:

I jelq sitting down and it is much more comfortable.

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Originally Posted by westla90069
Ziggie - Why are you asking newbie questions? Don’t you think we’re getting enough of them right now? (:

The wise man has a mind like a child, and isn’t too proud to ask Newbie questions!

Never had any problems with my shoulders, just my thumb and forefinger and tired hands. I also Jelq sitting down.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Grab a helmet ziggy.

Who’s helmet should I grab :leftie:

For me it sounds really funny when people say that jelqing is a good exercise for hands also. I’m not in that good shape. Still I haven’t seen any and I mean ANY signs of tension or soreness anywhere else but my dick because of jelqing :D .

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You mean you don’t hang upside-down from ankle hooks like batman when you jelq? :confused:

Actually I do it sitting “Indian style”, I don’t know the PC term for this, so excuse me. ;)
But anyways, my back is against a wall and the only place I ever get sore is the forearms, and that’s when I hold a manual clamp for 5 min at a time. :eek:

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Yeah I get sore neck & shoulders too. I sometimes wish that I had 2 rice sacks!

Usually I stretch before (rotator cuff?) I start and it’s better.

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