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Does it sound like I overtrained ?


Does it sound like I overtrained ?

Last wednesday, after a harder-than-usual pumping session followed by a considerable (dont remember the number exactly) of jelqing strokes, my penis looked like it suffered from severe beating. At the time I thought “no biggie, it has happened before, and in the next day it will ok again”.

Well I think I was wrong.

Since that day, my penis, when flaccid, got very skinny (although it seems that the length size hasnt been affected),but sometimes it get so skinny that I get this tight feeling on my penis that its impossible to get more skinny than that. The funny thing is that when erect, my penis seems normal as usual.

What do you guys think ? I am planning a 1 week time off from PEing . Did you guys ever passed from something similar ?

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I am still a newbie myself but thats what it sounds like to me man.I notice myself that when i do a hard jelqing sessioni tend to shrink down alot quicker afterwards than if i had done a moderate squeeze,hope this helps a little.

Thanks for your response, a newbie input is always apreciated (hell Im a newbie too !)

I experience the same thing when I overtrain.

I'm just another newbie to this board...

Yep,and it usually is accompanied by soreness for me. My penis really seems to contract when it wants to heal sometimes.
If (when) it doesn’t hurt any more, and the erections are fine, I’d start back in. I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong, but if it were me with this problem(and sometimes it is), I wouldn’t give it too much thought.

It seems like you notice all kinds of strangeness when you start PEing. I think some of it was there all along, just that PEing tunes you in more to your dick.
Persistent pain or swelling is what usually can worry me.

It occurs to me that this ailment has no name (that I’m aware of).
That means we get to name it, right? As in- say,”I’ve got quite a case of ‘Skinny Dick’ today”, or something like that. Any suggestions? :D

…and Nitro-that’s really a great Schwartzanegger pic you got there!

Yes, it doesnt hurt at all, but now when flaccid my penis is always thin and it looks like its sort of broken in the middle. I want to get that “full” feeling again, so no more PEing until next sunday :D

Whoa, broken? Is it, like, bent? :eek:
I’ve never had that before. You probably already thought of this, but have you checked out Thunder’s Injuries/Treatments forum on this site? I did for my injury(thrombosis), and it was the best source for information and advice anywhere on the ‘net that I could find.

Pesonally, I’m going to stop training so much according to some arbitrary schedule that I’ve made up and start listening to my body more.
With weight training, I don’t lift again until all soreness is gone. That has really, really worked well, and made fitness overtraining a thing of the past for me.

I think you’re smart to wait it out. Pe-ing is for the patient…:)

Ok I think I exagerated a little. Sometimes, when flaccid (no probs when erect), it gets a little strange. I dont know how to explain. I think I need to fix my webcam than I can post some pics… What puzzles me is that I feel no pain at all in my penis. Well, I will give it a rest until next sunday.. lets see.

A week off from a little overtraining? Is that necessary, aren’t you pretty much recovered already.

This broken thing sounds weird, any discoloration? Are you talking about a radical bend here? That could be bad news.

I think I know what you are talking about. Is it pale, almost dead looking? When I overtrain it gets skinny and it looks as though I have lost flaccid length. Does it feel cold? With my routine now, I pretty much always have a “pumped” look.


what was your recovery time from this kind of thing.

Originally posted by memento
A week off from a little overtraining? Is that necessary, aren't you pretty much recovered already.

This broken thing sounds weird, any discoloration? Are you talking about a radical bend here? That could be bad news.

No, not any discoloration at all. I think the bend is very slight, and it gets this way “sometimes” (not always) when it is changing from the flaccid state to the erect state. By the way, when the penis is erect it is 100% normal I think.

OK guys, one more thing, I forgot to say something important. I think I also overtrained my PC muscle. Some hours ago, while I was still at the university, while I was doing some kegels I felt a tiny/moderate pain in my PE muscle, and then immediately I remembered that last week my PC got sore during a couple of hours after an excessive session of kegels I had done.

So maybe the problem (has also) something to do with the PC muscle ?

And Walter, no, it doesnt look pale, it just looks and feels (when I grab the penis) like its impossible to the penis get more skinny than that.


I took me four days to recover back to normal, but his symptoms sound different from mine. I wouldn’t know how much time off would be right for him. I would probably play it by ear.

Does it feel dense and rubbery?

I have had this happen to me. It is like a recoil effect but it hasn’t affected your flaccid length measurement.

Time off is important. You have overtrained. It is obvious that your unit did not like what you did to it.

When erect it is in its natural healing condition so you wouldn’t notice it being different. Achieve erections throughout the day but be gentle with the unit until this condition passes.

Forget PE for the week you planned off but hot wrap it more than usual to increase blood flow when flaccid.

Limit yourself to PC clenches when you are PEing. Overtraining the PC muscle leads to Prostate inflammation. When I overdid the Kegels in the past I found that my unit shrivelled up and didn’t behave normally until the PC had fully recovered.

Thanks for the advice but I’m afraid its too late. I failed to resist, just had a 30 min stretching session :D .

Damn I cant live without it. But I still plan to take some days off from jelqing and kegels.


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