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Does it ever get in the way?

Does it ever get in the way?

So this is probably a dumb question. But here it is anyway. I started at very small, well below average. Now I’m right about in the middle of average with erections (low end of average or slightly less with girth), maybe towards the upper end of average with flaccid. Not enough to get stares of admiration and desire from the ladies but enough to get a few second and third looks when it’s in the wrong place in my pants and showing.

So anyway that leads to my question. For those who are big, does the damn thing ever get in the way? Do you have trouble hiding it? I don’t much like it when it flops to one side or the other and shows through my jeans unintentionally. Are you aware of it all the time moving around down there when you walk? Or do you get used to it?

The guys who are natually bigger may not have experienced this, but those who have gained well, like I have may have.

Has it been a problem for you?

The biggest pain was last week after pullups. I went to put the weights on the table I step up to and unsnap my belt to drop them. Never been a problem before because my dick didn’t reach over the table. It was a problem that day because I dumped 60lbs on it.

So if it is a problem with showing, moving around, getting in the way for anyone, how do you deal with it? Just get used to it? As I continue to grow, is it going to continue to be more of a problem? And yes, I hope to continue to grow.

Ok, I have a pretty big flaccid…not huge, but it’s something like 5.5 inches and pretty fat too.
Honestly? I don’t try to hide it. Yeah, most of the times it does make a noticeable bulge but I never catch any people looking. Women are GOOD at hiding it and I’m just not watching out for that.

I wear boxer briefs, I hate boxers, my dick just hangs and gets no support, so it’s always a bulge but never silhouetted out for them to examine.

No trouble. Ever. And if I do catch them staring: good. Let them. :)

I forgot to mention. I wear boxer briefs or boxers.

Yeah, not a problem in the boxer briefs, but boxers are just so damn comfortable.

So the moving around and being aware of it as it grows isn’t a problem for anyone? Maybe it’s just because it’s so new to me that it’s bothering me. Probably like a woman with more than a c-cup, one gets used to it.

My girl was a double D and she never got used to it…so she had breast reduction and is now a C and is happy.

I suppose that’s what it’s like for guys with 6.5+ flaccids and 9.5+ erections

Yes,it gets in the way, wear bagier jeans.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

It definitely gets in the way wearing blue jeans. Also sometimes when I’m trying to sleep it gets in the way.

You know I don’t mind it if it gets in the way. For several years I wondered if it was even there.

Now if it got in the way of the weed eater now that would be a problem.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by El Wino

I suppose that’s what it’s like for guys with 6.5+ flaccids and 9.5+ erections

That is something I’ll never find out.

When I wear shorts in the summer I have to wear bikini briefs or my dick falls out when I sit down.
When I wear briefs my package is more or less constricted.
I always have a buldge or something going on weather I wear jeans or dress pants.


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Originally Posted by littlehobo
That is something I’ll never find out.

You could find out. Think of the possibility.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

It doesn’t get in the way at about 6” flaccid (I’m counting pushing into the fatpad in this discussion concerning whether it gets in the way or not, because even though I don’t actually have a 6” flaccid showing, the fatpad doesn’t prevent how far down it’s hanging) but it does sort of run out of room. I like wearing boxer briefs but in the course of sitting and walking around my dick will tend to get shifted a little to the left at the end and become noticable even when I’m not wanting it to in some envionments. I can sometimes manage to secretly get it back completely centralised, and hanging down the center can still create a type fullness which I think some women can even then realise some size is going on. Boxers or commando would be out of the question as there would not be enough control of it’s hang since I don’t wear tight pants, though I wear good fitting jeans that aren’t loose either. I willingly let it shift off center at times when the situation allows it, which is easy to achieve by sitting down at a slight angle, or even by doing a hip turn when standing without moving the feet and letting my inner thigh push into the outer part of my groin area. Boxer briefs are idea for having both some tightness and some freedom at the same time. But like I said, it does at times (though not too often) move off center when I don’t want it to, as it doesn’t have quite the room it wants, and that is a bother.

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I don’t notice it at all unless I am wearing my basket ball jersey.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


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