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Does having a girlfriend/wife help with PE??

My girlfriend knows I do PE and is very supportive. She has also seen and felt the improvement!

Originally Posted by blink2000
I wonder what % of try to prevent their man from PEing. Maybe it’s an insecurity thing? I would really expect most women to appreciate PE—since most of it is just to please them…

I’ve had two girlfriends that knew that I did PE. The first hated it, said nothing was wrong with my penis, and fought me tooth and nail over it. It was a jealousy thing.

The second was/is supportive. So supportive in fact that we would watch TV together while I had a pump on, lol.

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Having no girlfriend and extra time is the best for PE, 2nd best is having a supportive girlfriend, 3rd best is a girlfriend that doesn’t know, and 4th best is having a girlfriend who knows and is jealous and scared and will fight you every step of the way. If it’s 4th best it’s time for a new girlfriend.

What about a fuck buddy? That might fit at between 2 and 3.


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Originally Posted by Spektrum

The second was/is supportive. So supportive in fact that we would watch TV together while I had a pump on, lol.


ROFL that’s quality.

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Those of you who have supportive partners mean you have small dicks lol

For me it helps, because she always gives back feedback about how big it’s gotten after every session. I don’t think it hinders gains, as long as you don’t have too much sex or masturbation

Originally Posted by Spektrum
The second was/is supportive. So supportive in fact that we would watch TV together while I had a pump on, lol.

She’s a keeper.

This is just Phase 1 though. Phase 2 would be getting her to serve you dinner while you’re pumping.

My wife sometimes gets mad when exercising puts everything on hold for an hour or so. If she knew about PE she would have even less tolerance for that! She says she doesn’t care about size, who knows if it’s true or not. I, for one would not want to PE without a wife, when I get really horny I can get it. As it gets bigger I can wait for reactions. I’m just getting back on the wagon after taking a year or so off (dedication fell to the wayside) and I got the impression that she was aware of a slight increase.

We’ll see. I don’t think I will ever tell her.

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I would probably be more constant if I were single. I would be tempted to work on making a monster, to benefit the local sisterhood with. I can just reach the CDS on a good day, once I can do it every time, I will probably get even lazier with my PE. I occasionally get told to take it easy during doggy style, so I don’t want to over do the length too much.

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It helps for motivation. Especially when they notice gains.

I find it harder.. My partner knows I PE, and I do it in front of him, when we are watching tv or a dvd. Stretching is fine but I just feel a bit self conscious when jelqing.. Cause it just looks like I’m having a wank. Also he has said to me that he doesn’t think I need it, or that he thinks it works.

PE for sex”… what were the other reasons?

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Originally Posted by ShyMplsMale
I only see my girlfriend on the weekends, but my cock seems like its so much healthier when I’m with her than when I’m not. My flaccid so much fuller, my erections are 120%. It’s like I have a different penis!

I’m wondering if those who have a girlfriend, wife, or a steady “fuck buddy” (along with a healthy sex life) are doing better with PE and penis health compared to when you didn’t have a healthy sex life?

I am convinced at least for my dick that sex helps it grow. Masturbation does not. There may be a lot of reasons, but I don’t feel like guessing about them here.

If I am doing PE in a way that maintains positive P.I.s, sex with my wife makes my penis feel better afterwards for 12-24 hours. By better I mean like it should feel when growing. During sex it feels like it is bigger than the last time, with a sensation that could only be described as an ache, but it is not really an ache nor is it painful.

If I have pushed PE too far, then sex doesn’t seem to do anything but add to the fatigue, but not much. BUT it also seems to lessen the recovery time needed to get back to the state it as in before I overdid PE. I now that doesn’t make sense.

Maybe it’s my wife’s natural pheromone chemistry, or something about our interaction. But I have been paying attention to these things for a number of months, and I really think that sex with her makes my dick grow faster/better. That’s MY dick by the way…

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Originally Posted by UberGoober

What about a fuck buddy? That might fit at between 2 and 3.

I have a proper fuck buddy and I see her ~4 times a week. Literally all we do is fuck and then go back about our business although once in a while when a day off matches up we will rent a room and order room service and proceed to fuck and watch movies all day. I still have plenty of extra time for PE and I think this is the best option.

My wife is very supportive, and likes the progress as well. It only makes sex better.

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