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Does girth work take away some length

Does girth work take away some length

Does more girth = less length ?

Does it indicate the finitness of the tunica , but can change shape ?

I don’t think gaining girth takes away from length you already have, but doing heavy girth work will hinder length gains. A thick dick is harder to stretch than a thin one. Search rubberband theory

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Only if your length is not cemented.

I feel I loose some girth when I am gaining length and vica versa. However I never lose more than I have recently gained. Imho all gains contribute to a bigger volume. (The increase in one dimension is always bigger than the decrease in another dim.)


that seems very feasible. During stretching I can see a temporary increase in stretched length. As soon as I begin my girth session, these vanish and temporary girth increases result.

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