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Does base girth really matter?


Does base girth really matter?

Besides the aesthetics, does having a large base girth make any difference when having sex? The reason I ask is because many people brag about having a large base girth and avoid the baseball bat look. I can’t see it being that useful during sex. That being said, my base girth is about .5” bigger than my mid-shaft girth, so I’d like to hear that it matters. :D

I think the reason people think base girth is better fatter then the rest of the dick because, the top of your dick wont be too big to get in. And you can penetrate deep and give the girth where it counts. Near the g spot

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Ah good thinking, never thought of that!

The bigger the trunk the taller the tree.

That doesn’t really mean anything, but it sounds very wise. :)

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Originally Posted by gprent
The bigger the truck the taller the tree.

That doesn’t really mean anything, but it sounds very wise. :)

So if I jack up my truck and put 42’s on it, tree will get bigger? :p

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I think a thick base will give you some good stability but if it were me, I’d rather have a huge mushroom tip but I know that will never happen.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
So if I jack up my truck and put 42’s on it, tree will get bigger? :p

Damn dyslexia strikes again. :D

I don’t think it matters because it only sees the vagina once per stroke where you mid girth sees it twice.

My concept of base girth does not include the ability to hit gspot. I would call that midshaft girth. I’m wondering if the base reaches into the hole at all really, excluding the very most penestrating possible positions.

My girl had 2 more orgasms more than usual, Why? Base Girth baby!. I’ve been stretching and woke up wih a thick base girth along with a raging morning boner and my base girth was more fulling than usual. Now I must really work on base girth even more.

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Base girth matters! For me, and her! One thing I have always enjoyed is bringing a girl close to orgasm by thrusting in and out really fast with only 3/4 of my dick. Then when she is on the verge of an orgasm, slide it all in and then just fuck her with the last 2” while she’s cumming. Guaranteed reaction - “Oh my god, I’m cumming again!!!”

Old thread, but interesting.

I’ve just been reading about how very sensitive the vulva and vaginal entrance are. So what WideLoad says makes perfects sense. Of course base girth matters.

I have always had a relatively large base and I found it useful in sex. Prior to PE, I was just about average in all dimensions except base girth. During sex, I would always position myself to get the base inserted. It would really stretch the opening and it gave me a good sensation—more friction if you will. Women would feel the fullness that I could not otherwise give them.

While I still have a large base, my mid-shaft has gotten big due to my clamping routine. That provides a lot of friction and causes a lot of “air” sounds during sex ( I love it). If I had to chose one, I would rather have more mid or upper shaft girth.

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Ok, let me tell about base girth, since I have a huge difference between base and head.

First I want a uniformed dick because of the aesthetics, so this it’s very personal, and it’s not arguable.

On sex a dick like mine it’s very effective, since you can control the amount of the girth you are inserting on woman, when I reach in the base (it depends very much on the position) my GF always says that she feels opened her and feels good, but only when she is horny, very horny.

For now I am happy with my BG, 6,3” and 5,8” MG, and only to focus on lenght also because of the aesthetics, because girth in sex it’s very effective.

I don’t have a all round girth dick to tell you how it’s the sensations, but I think for sex I dick like mine it’s far more effective.

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