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Does base girth really matter?


Originally Posted by WideLoad

Base girth matters! For me, and her! One thing I have always enjoyed is bringing a girl close to orgasm by thrusting in and out really fast with only 3/4 of my dick. Then when she is on the verge of an orgasm, slide it all in and then just fuck her with the last 2” while she’s cumming. Guaranteed reaction - “Oh my god, I’m cumming again!!!”

Seconded. :up:

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Fourth-ed! Totally agree. Once I slam it ALL in, she just goes off. She basically gets a double whammy. Deep and thick at the base.

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I think it certainly matters, but is dependant on the position you are in. I have a mid shaft of 5 5/8, but base of 6. When I penetrate side saddle (that is her on her side and me upright) or doggy I can tell a big difference, as opposed to just straight missionary. I can really tell the difference when she is on top and approaching orgasm. She will hold me out of being “fully in” until she is coming, and then really sink down and grind on it.

That quote I was looking for:

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Whatever size you are, there's a sex position to suit…r-snake/9250/v3

Most of the vagina’s nerves are in the outer third, closest to the entrance

The whole article is kind of interesting, worth a read if you haven’t seen it.

To me it always matters.
Firstly, for the affect on her in feeling how thick I am. At the end of the day women don’t think so much about the difference between base girth, mid shaft girth and head girth. So when she grabs the base of my penis I feel like that’s the impression I set on her. Usually gives that “Wow” factor. Every time I’ve felt really thick, I’ve noticed the difference in their reaction.

Secondly, as others have mentioned having the meat of your girth at the bottom of your penis will help in stimulating the bottom third of the vagina.
Also, it gives that lasting impression as I mentioned about the hand-job above. Which is why I like being thicker in general.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
That quote I was looking for:

Your trouser snake:
Whatever size you are, there's a sex position to suit…r-snake/9250/v3

The whole article is kind of interesting, worth a read if you haven’t seen it.

The reason for wanting massive base girth.

I think so.

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Well, this ‘reason’ can easily be reversed.
Of course the penis head has to pass through the vagina outer third, where most of the nerves are. And, as someone pointed out, it pass by it twice, while the penis base sees it only once.

I’ll add another personal view: one of the best feeling, possibly the best of all, is feeling ‘sucked in’.
With a larger head and thinner base the penis tends to be pushed in by its size itself, and according to women this feeling - of ‘sucking in’ and filling - is most delightful.
It can be tried easily with sex toys.

[I’m not trying to claim this is better because I’m like this. I don’t know, and anyway I’m constant: base/mid/head girth are just the same]

Yes, but only if you can get it in. If her vagina is not deep enough and/or you have “too much length”, then it’s just bragging rights and potential with a different partner. Anal sex will allow you to use all that length most likely, but then of course it depends if your partner wants all that girth anally.

My current partner hasn’t felt my base girth because I bottom out sooner, more likely around 5.75 girth. She says I’m “HUGE” and “too big” already though. And if she’s really up for it there is always the pump for upper and midgirth ;)

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In a word, “yes”. There’s something about the feeling of being all the way in and letting her grind on the base. The pelvic to pelvic contact is a favorite of mine.

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