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Does anyone wrap a sensitive part on their penis?

Does anyone wrap a sensitive part on their penis?

I kindov went to hard on my first days of PE and am regreting it big time now. Lately I’ve been pumping because all other exercises give me pain i don’t like. Well even with pumping im getting some pains behind the glans. It’s a bad, little cold feeling i don’t like at all with mild stinging. it must be a shot nerve.

I’m thinking about changing several things to avoid this negitive sensation:

1. Wrapping apart of my glans alittle bit before pumping to avoid too much stress on this part.

2. Not staying to hard and arosed after pumping. eg. watching porn and delaying ejaculation for too long, alot of the time I do this for an hour plus easily.

FYI, I’m not pumping too high of pressures and have only 1 -15 minute session. I use a hot wrap before each pumping session.

Any one with similair issues? what could i use to wrap my penis in the tube? will this pain i had for over ayear ever get better if properly treated?

Thanks and any advice is greatly appreciated.

If I were you, I would stop PEing completely until this goes away. In fact, the fact that it’s stayed with you for so long could mean a trip to the doctor. At the very least it means that you keep aggrivating it over and over. I’m no vet but I’ve seen several of them say, “If you’re injured…STOP”.

"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan

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