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does anyone miss peing?

does anyone miss peing?

This may sound stupid but,

There are times when i can not do my daily peing routine, and my penis misses the great workout all the warming, stretching, and specialy power jelqing gives it.

I can feel my penis wanting to be pe’d. Anyone else feel that way?


Many a time


Try going for 8 weeks without it.

I am currently still waiting for my thrombosed vein to piss off. It has healed a lot and is nearly completely gone - but i reckon when it does go i’ll have to give it a week to cement the healing then get back into it slowly.

So that’ll be about 10 weeks off in all after about 8 weeks on.

I will definately be a shitload more careful when i get back to it

Moral? Don’t go off the head trying to gain too fast - take it easy until you’ve built up some tolerance for the heavy stuff.

And yes i’ve been missing it.

See Ya,


Power Jelqing

I’d slowed, my jelqing to almost nil since getting my BIB hangers(which I’ve been using almost daily) following the theory that stretching was easier with a thinner penis. Before I got the bibs I was using a PJ four to five times a week with the rollers vertical. I got such a pump I really missed it when I stopped.
I’d do about 100 vert. jelqs/day. That seemed about all my thingy would tolerate. Well after missing the feel of the jelq I did my usual 100 a few days ago and after several days of hanging only I did 400 jelqs (vertical) with the PJ. What a feel. Seeing the results people have who are including jelqing in addition to hanging makes me wonder whether the practice of hanging w/o jelqing also is better. I’ll be interested in reading additional comments.

Gotta go hang ten.


I am only hanging at this point, having set jelqing/squeezes aside for now (girth stuff, basically), but I do miss it when I am off for a few days due to family visits or whatever else may be happening. For me I think it’s more because I am getting offschedule from my goals, which gives me an internal sense of pressure. I try to allay it by saying to myself that rest will be OK and it’s better to be happy and resting than pissed or disappointed and resting.

Doing a number on your nerves is pretty annoying.

Knowing that the wait could be another six months can be quite pestering. But i’m dealing with it.

If only I could forget about the theory of PE for half a year. That would be a godsend.

Your time will come, clarencerock, it will come. And when it does you’ll be more knowledgeable about PE, what works and what doesn’t, and so on. More people will have offered insight into things that will spur quicker growth. Look at it optimistically. Hey, at least you *know* about PE and that it works!

I’ve been off for two weeks and have most of the summer to go (kids at home from school). Miss it.

I had been hanging exclusively and even missed the benefits of jelqing I had had two months earlier.

Hit the shower jelqing, Grower. You’ll keep your flaccid fatness.

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