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Does anyone kegel while jelqing?


I switch as I workout. Say 80 jelqs palms up, 80 jelqs palms down. The way I figure it, the more variation, the more symetrical the final state will be.

Specs: May 13th 2003 EBPL=5.9 EG=5.0 June 13th 2003 EBPL=7.0 EG=5.0

Originally posted by chunkyaa
This method is called the Power Jelq. You can do 1 strong jelq each 10 reps. That is what I'm doing. But don't rely on my tips, I'm “newbier” than you probably loll :P

Isn’t the Power Jelq a PE product?

I just tried these Kegal jelqs yesterday at 80-90% erect for about 30 minutes. I was amazed at the pump I got. I even had a huge donut when I was finished.

I’m definitely going to keep doing these. They seem so much more effective than normal jelq.


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wannabdeep, my thoughts exactly!!!

I get a better workout using both palms up and palms down. They each seem to have their advantages.

I do 600 slow (3 second) strokes. Starting with a hundred palms down then a hundred palms up. I stop only long enough to let my unit get fairly flaccid before I start the next palms down set. This gives me the best stretch. I don’t rest any when going from palms down to palms up because my unit is roughly 75% erect which is what I want to get the engorgement to expand the tissues with the palms up jelq. I also use three fingers rather than two because I’ve found that I can maintain my squeeze better.

I kegel on the palms up set to pull against my unit and further engorge it.

I’ve noticed that jelqing palms down that I get a better stretch and that it focuses more on sides of my unit. Jelqing with palms up, it develops pressures very similar to a squeeze, engorging my entire penis. Different pressures, different stresses with each technique.

By the end of my routine I can feel soreness in my ligs and in the entire unit from the pressures created. Not pain, just fatique and soreness which is what I want. I equate this to a good muscle exercise using low weights and a very slow repetition speed. I just started this routine about a month ago. Three days a week, MWF. About 45 minutes a session.

Current stats: ENBP - 7.5” / EBP - 8.0” / EG - 6.0” / FL - 5.5” / FG - 5.25”

Goal: Over time I would like to be a full 8.0” NBP. Have reached my goal on flaccid length/girth which is why I started PE in the first place.

Gotta be somewhat discreet, my wife said sex would come to a halt if I were to get any larger than I am now. She likes it big but not too big. Sunday night we were going at it and as I entered her hot little box, she said “Damn you feel really big tonight!” I thought, “Uh Oh!!! Busted!!” But maybe not. In the past I told her PE was for penile health. I’m 48 and can still get rock hard just thinking about her! :)

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