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Does anyone do heavy and light days?

Does anyone do heavy and light days?

I’m thinking about starting a new routine that will be something like this…

Mon: High erection/intensity jelqing, high intensity clamping
Tues: Medium-high erection/intensity jelqing
Wed: Same as Monday
Thurs: Same as Tuesday
Fri: Same as Monday
Sat: We’ll see - either light-medium jelqing or possibly the same as Tues/Thurs
Sun: Very light jelqing

I want to stress that Sunday will not really be a workout. It will be the equivalent of going for a walk after a week of squats and sprinting.

Is anyone else doing anything like this?

Back in my early days when gains started slowing I started throwing in every once in a while days where I would work out for at least 2 hours doing mostly jelqs and squeezes it was pretty much till my dick was to exhausted to stay erect anymore. Not sure if it helped or not I used to have a name for what I called it but I don’t remember.

Your routine looks good:) . Take a day off when needed I like a 5 day work week myself except when hanging than I like a 7 day.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks for the reply Dino. Here’s my logic on this one. I see a number of potential benefits. First of all everyone would probably agree that variation is one of the keys to success. I don’t think there’s anyone on here that has done only one exercise, say jelqs, and gotten massive gains (I know a lot of people will say “well, actually I gained 5 inches from doing only _____ .” That’s not the point, but it’s safe to say that variation is a good thing). Also, after doing this for a while I’ve realized that I’m not the easiest girth gainer. In going with Wadzilla’s posts, it appears that girth is more about timing while length is more about total force applied. From my experience this is also true. With this workout I’m using sort of an on-and-off timing but not completely turning it off. It’s experimental in this way and I’m hoping it gives me the right timing for some good girth gains. Another problem I’ve had is shrinkage on my off days. I’m hoping that some very light jelqing will help with this but still allow healing. Keep in mind that the jelqing is very light. When I say high erection jelqing I’m talking about really using some force. When I say light jelqing, it’s almost more of a massage.

Take it easy on scheduling, listening to your body is the best thing you can do. :)

If you feel like doing a hard training day, then do it. If you feel that you should take it easy due to the hard training in the day before, then take it easy.

It’s all about feeling and dedication. ;)

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