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Does Age matter

Guys this is all great stuff.

Yip really a good read

Great thread starter47 and mrconvertable. Great to know that PE works for all ages. It’s very encouraging. I’m 64 and, although been pumping on and off for years, have never gained much. Jelqing has always been an option, but never taken. Started a few weeks ago after joining Thunder’s site. Besides my penis feeling heavier, it is also a sensuous experience. Can’t wait for the length gain. I know it’s a slow and steady process. Thanks guys for the encouragement for the “older” generation.

Hi Guys

Just stumbled on to this thread this evening and it’s nice to know that there’s some other seniors out there too and I’m sure I can gain a lot of useful information from them as well. I’m 65 and have Parkinson’s disease, but am determined to keep going as long as possible. I joined here in March, so rather new yet and have posted a few threads already. My motivation for PE is basically to be able to attain a little more length and girth. I had never thought much about it until in the recent years, I’ve noticed certain changes in the condition and size of my penis that I didn’t like, so I’ve been looking for ways that I could turn around some of the shrinkage that has been going on. I’m sure that between the Parkinson’s and drugs I have to take for it, has contributed a lot to this condition. So, I couldn’t let this go on, for my own healths sake as well, so here I am. I try and do my routines, at the times when my body is at its peak and not being burdened with the Parkinson’s symptoms. I try and time it so I can be as relaxed as possible when doing my routines. I have been doing routines now, since February this year and for the most part, I have been doing alright. I started out with a BPEL of 4.5 and am now somewhere between 5 and 5.5. I think though I have reached 6 but that didn’t last very long. It seems to me that I have gained and then lost and don’t like this either. I would like to cement in at least 6 inches and with a future goal of 7, but I’ll take whatever I can get. Anyway, would like to hear from some of the other seniors as to what they’re doing etc. I’ve had to take a few days off, but would like to get started again, as I hate to lose what I have gained. Cheers to everyone

Age matters

I am over 60 and still going strong, been doing PE for a long time, on and off, from in my 50’s

Start EL 5.9, EG 4.25

NOW EL 7.1 EG 5.0

I work at a average pace have been slow to grow , but it works over time .

Older guys have less elastic tissues and weaker collagen. All this means that older guys will gain easier than young men.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

The first post in this thread was almost 6 years ago. When I wrote a reply back then I was 65. Now I’m 71, and still sticking to a PE routine. The main difference in my attitude now, as distinct from 5 years ago (I won’t dwell on the years of PE before that), is that now I’m not concerned about size at all. I have come to share a view often stated in this forum, that men are frequently over-concerned about how big they are. This is not to deny that some size-related concerns are genuine — indeed they are. But many men of average size worry excessively. In my opinion, having a strong, healthy unit is far and away the most important thing, and older men can do much to maintain the strength and form of their younger years by practicing a sound PE routine. I’m all for young guys (or any guys at all, for that matter) making whatever amazing gains they can, but I am also wary of the hazards of over-training. Aim to make your entire package healthy and strong, and if the gains are going to come, they will. Finally, at Thunder’s, we have, of course, consistently helped one another regardless of age, and that’s a good thing — one more way of staying strong.

Wow, I have just stumbled upon this great tread. As a 61 year old newbie, I think I can honestly say that I agree with Redlight above, PE is definitely a goal but a healthy “unit” is far more important. While I am being perfectly honest, I still enjoy playing with myself and fine the newbie routine really sensuous and simulating.

I am 65 widower I may have been blessed by good looks and abundant blonde hair I do not even look my age so i have a gf of 18 brunette.

I started a few years ago and initially gained a lot in my first four months and thanks God no injuries now after 4 years I reached 7.5 and 5.5 and stared with less than 4 inches and I became damn depressed so i jelq like hell but ye s it is possible or doable gains are permanent.

Blue eye, blonde latino

Wow! Impressive. Did you use the newbie routine or did your gains come from your own workout?

55 now and still growing.

I’ve won some and lost some size here over time, but now I’ve discovered pumping and am already seeing early signs of new growth.

Never too old to give up!

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by ERT54

Wow! Impressive. Did you use the newbie routine or did your gains come from your own workout?

Thanks I do not really know some called it inner growth when your penis has been inside all the time so probably that is the reason for it togorw fast in the first three months in my case it was very small erect slightly less than 10cm in metric terms. No I stated jelqing umbrella style and I could not fit an extender for two reasons

One was too short the other i am uncut so it was painful in both attempts.

Can I ask was is “jelqing umbrella style?

Age matters only when you are six feet under IMO.

For all other things in life it is never too late and there is always a way. To find the way is a bonus!

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Originally Posted by ERT54

Can I ask was is “jelqing umbrella style?

when i did not have enough length soon changed to normal grab but changes occur when you grab your dick past the head


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