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Hey doc, I have this pain in my shoulder when I….

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Originally Posted by ticktickticker
sorry for the typo - no danger

Notice how a letter can change the meaning entirely. Please pay attention to that, especially when writing prescriptions. ;)

My understanding is that SVT (superficial thrombosis) poses no or at most an extremely small risk of serious complications. DVT (deep) is another matter entirely and carries far more risk of seriously screwing you up.

Clots in the superficial veins we can palpate on our penises generally aren’t a health threat.

huff - get zour shoulder to mz practice in munich - you will get a PE bonus *.*

hobby - superficial thrombosis is in fact no big deal, its pain thats all. deep thrombosis of your dick would be corpus cavernosum thrombosis - a risk for your dick but not for your lungs, and no risk of stroke in either case (one exception, see above)

Thanks for clarifying. We get soooo many (misguided) concerns about penile thrombosis here.




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