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Doctors office, Oi dang!

Doctors office, Oi dang!

Just got to went:
I always have a flaccid around 5 inches, often 6 on a warm day, 4 on really cold days etc.. Flaccid girth about 5 also I think. Anyway, I went to my doctor to check myself for chlamydia just in case. Damn I have never turtled like that! I jumped in the sea, yes in Norway, in october (after half a bottle of gin :p ), and this visit to the doctor was at least 10 times worse! I really just wanted to say: “wait just a minute, just need to give it a few tugs and jelqs so you won’t have to put that sample stick down in this small penis.”

Thanks for listening to my utterly ridiculous story! :)

I guess what I/we can learn from this is that your mind really can affect your body, VERY much! It’s probably a body mechanism that reduces your penis size when you feel nervous. Because in the good ol’ days you was probably fighting wild animals when you were nervous. And we wouldn’t want the penis to get cut off by rabid cow or something, do we?

(And doctors must be very confident in bed as they think everyone elses penis is pretttty damn small. :D )

If you were nervous it could of been your flight of flight mechanism kicking in. It will draw blood to your muscles and away from other places like your dick. Self preservation is numero uno.

Did you know what the chlamydia test entailed before?

Because that would explain the maximum turtle.

And the really fucked thing is that a responsible MD does the test twice- AND the second time you KNOW what’s about to happen.


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Just scrape off some cells?

Formerly known as totem.

Yeah, I did know it on advance.. Everybody knows the story. And it did sting abit, but far from painful really. But VERY uncomfortable.

Luckily I don’t have a responsible doctor hehe..

I remember my medical exam before joining the army - as you can easily see, my starting stats aren’t as bad, but that testicle cancer test was somewhat …odd. My unit just turtled away and was probably 1 or one and a half inch at best.

Probably some ancient fear that other males of your tribe would want to cut your dick off so they have one competitor for the sex thing out of their way or whatnot. The security mechanism theory is also quite logical - do not let that tiger get its claws on your dick or else…

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.


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