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Do Your Erect Squeezes/Erect Bends!

Do Your Erect Squeezes/Erect Bends!

I was hanging for months and months and months and my girlfriend never said a word about my dick being or looking or feeling any different at all. I started back up with some cable clamping and then applying heating pad to my wrapped unit afterwards, my girth has really taken off some. I feel like I am 1/4” thicker all around. My girlfriend now goes a bit more crazy during sex, saying over and over again “how big and hard” it feels. When she was giving me head the other night she took it in her hand goes “mmm look how thick it is.”

Work on your girth guys! :D

One exercise I do for girth, is a form of Uli’s. I squeeze and push slowly up the shaft for like 5 seconds then repeat. So far I have seen a decent gain and it feels like it is thicker and heavier. In a few months I might try something different.

I have always thought that the secret to a big cock is girth.

Originally Posted by gprent101
I have always thought that the secret to a big cock is girth.

Amen to that.

Originally Posted by gprent101
I have always thought that the secret to a big cock is girth.

No doubt (length should be > 6”)

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Obligatory Newbie Warning: Don’t try these advanced techniques until you’ve conditioned your penis to the stress of PE exercises. Otherwise you could end up with a very serious injury.

Hey I have been doing basic jelquing I guess. I first tried it about 2 yrs ago. I remember being about 6.75, and later on I once measured myself at 8”. maybe about a year later. I never kept a log or anything, I would do it just when I remembered or showered. Anyways I am not at 7.25” and 5” girth. My main concern is my girth now. the excercise I am doing now is getting myself as erect as I can then locking the blood in with one hand and pressing with thunb and forefinger for about a sec or two (repeated about 10x) on about 3 places of my penis. I got this info a long time ago, and now I see all these terms, of clamping, Uli’s and all that sound like give great results. Please recommend a good excercise for girth. I dont know what these are, so if you know where I can learn to do them or any vids, that would help. Thx!!!

I would like to say that it is pure fact that girth is really gives you the big dick. When it comes to volume girth will shoot it faster than length.

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