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Do you think having a big upward curve make length gaining difficult


Do you think having a big upward curve make length gaining difficult

The upper part of my shaft is super stubborn, I have a really big upward curve, it’s really hard to bend it and I need to straighten it in order to measure, and I’m talking about a serious angle, I wish I could measure.

When I’m stretching, I can feel that the upper part is a bit shorter then the lower part of the tunica (this is the reason for most of the upper curves) and again, it’s really hard stretch it, I feel like it’s stopping me after a while of stretching, I can’t feel the stretch.

I’m trying to lower the angle by doing some erect bending and I’m trying to bend while I jelq.

Nothing seems to help with that damn curve.

My penis has a banana shape, but the bend is starting from 6/10 of the penis, it also looks much shorter then it really is because of the bend.

I think that the upper part of the shaft is so stubborn that it is almost impossible to gain anything, when I’m erect and pulling the upper part down towards my legs I can feel the upper part resistance, it feels like my ligs are stretching my penis from the inside of the shaft, it can heart after a while, I can’t pull it till it will be vertical to my body (the angle - not the whole curved penis) it causes too much pain to try pull it downward when erect - you now between the lags.

After I’m pulling it downwards, when I let it go it comes back up in the speed of light (lol).

What do you think I should do?

Another issue is the my CS is undeveloped in the part of the upper shaft, it’s developed in the first third of the penis, and it’s invisible from there to the end of the penis. What are my chances to enlarge it with clamping?

Conquering my goals.

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Don’t do things that hurt. Stretching should be done flaccid. Erect stretching is not effective because the forces are transmitted to the inside where the penis attaches to the pelvic bones. You should be able to concentrate your stretches at the end of the penis by grasping the shaft at the point where the curve begins and pulling from both directions (the middle and end) away from each other.

So you think that I need to grab my penis at the point where the curve starts? I don’t usually do erect stretches, I just like to see if there is any change with the force that is pulling the penis up again.

Conquering my goals.

If the curve is the problem, then perhaps you should concentrate your efforts on that part.

Yes. Two-way-stretching. Downward fulcrum stretch could also help.

What Marinera said. I have an upward curve also man, and it just APPEARS shorter. Measure with a tape measure instead man, I am like 1/2 inch longer due to it if I use a tape measure.

I too have an upward curve, but I like it. I know it looks shorter, but it makes it easier to rub the front wall of the vagina when having sex in missionary position.

I hope I don’t lose the upward curve due to PE.

Originally Posted by marinera

Yes. Two-way-stretching. Downward fulcrum stretch could also help.

What are fulcrum stretches? I’m doing all kind of stretched, all directions, V \ A stretches, fowfers etc’

Westla90069, how should I concentrate on that? How can I really change it?

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Fulcrum stretches are all kind of stretches performed using a fulcrum (well…of course :D ): ‘A’ and ‘V’ stretches, memento’ stretches, squat-stretches etc..

Give a try to :
Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism
Coke Can Stretch

Thanks, just figured out the definition for fulcrum :)
I think that Mem’s 20 mintues V stretch is great but it is difficult and ineffective after a while.

I need something to break the power that causing the curve, I need to do A stretches in order to do so, but I can’t do a lot of A stretches with a lot of power, it’s painful, I feel pain in my CS, do you have a way to do A stretches with minimal pain?

Conquering my goals.

If it hurts don’t do it.

I too have an upward curve, and I like it. Having an upward curve will not affect length gains.

Upward curves are good to G-spot stimulation. Look at a g-spot dildo and you will see what I mean.

Pain in CC? I can’t see any other cause than doing stretches while erect or using a too thick fulcrum. Avoid that.

You could mix two-way-stretches and fulcrum stretches: grab your penis under the glans with one hand; with the other hand, you grab at the base; then you place a flucrum in the middle and pull downward with both hands. It’s an high-intensity stretch; I don’t like so much them, but you could try giviing a try.

Man, keep the curve. I have one and the ladies love it. You’re whatever size you are regardless of if you have a curve or not. Use tape measure to measure your gains instead of a straight ruler. And as long as you are gaining, it shouldn’t matter.

How long have you been doing PE and how much have you gained so far?

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Same thing here…major upward curve. I hate that it does make me look shorter than I am, but it is effective during sex. Try the fulcrum.


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