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Do you curve

Do you curve

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading in a lot of post that most guys are curved. I looked it up on the search engine here at Thunders, and on msn to broaden it and it seems that must guys either curve up, or to the left or right. Why is this? I personally never knew this till I came to this site, and after reading this I noticed that my dick isn’t curved at all. If I had to say something about it, when I get it hard, it stands at a 10 O’Clock attention and it’s perfectly straight with no curve. Is this bad or different, and how many others are like this? Is it a good or bad thing? Thanks guys.

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I envy your perfectly straight unit. I curve up and a bit to the left. I know it makes it difficult for my wife to give me oral and take me in all the way.

Strait one here…………..

Hmm, Still though.. Why do most guys have at least a little curve, and yet I have none? And does my straight or your curve serve a purpose or is it just like it is because.? Sorry, just curious and confused.

Luka-- Happy Gainings everyone! Start-Dec.14--BPEL-6.5 X EG-5 Current-BPEL-6.9 X EG-5.25 My Dick's true calling NBPEL-8 EG-6

Straight means less length lost but curved means a greater effective width ?

Iam thinking broadsword vs samurai here :chuckle:

Sligh curve upwards here. Correction give me 1/4” added EL.

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I curve up and to the left too. I have read that this combination is not unusual. Supposedly the upward curve is useful for hitting her G-spot. However, in my opinion, a straight one looks better.

Funny, I used to think that I was unique with my curved unit. Mine curves up, and in some cases is the perfect G-spot hitter. But, this only seems to be the case in missionary position. Other positions are either a little more difficult, or I can’t penetrate all the way. I heard there’s a disease that can cause some severe curvature in some guys (I’m sure someone can remember the name), but I don’t think thats the case for me or most other guys.

The weird thing about my curve that caused me concern is the fact that my base is about 5’, but from the curve on up it’s a little over 4.5’. I’m wondering if some of the vessels in the upper part of my penis are thinner than the ones at the bottom and can’t fill up with as much blood thus causing it to curve. That’s just my naive theory.

Do any of you think that doing the Sadsak Slinky and bending the penis downward could correct this?

Well, I curve a little upwards, towards the navel, and so far women liked it. They claimed it hit the spot, but I guess it has something to do with the angle and position when you’re having sex. Mine does lean a little to the left and I was always wondering the same thing, why? I think it might have smething to do with either the ligs or the connective tissue, or tunica.

Who knows….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I am straight as an arrow, but I twist just a bit up to the left. Weird eh?

The penis is like a fingerprint. Everyone’s is different. I just wish my “fingerprint” was bigger!

Before I found this site I thought everyone curved upwards. I am not sure of the % of straight or curved penises.

I curve upwards and get 3/8” more using a cloth tape but would not want to lose the curve for anything.

I have not found any positions that I could not do, her on top facing away pulls on the ligs a lot but it is still enjoyable.

Little curve up with a slight roll to the left.


Depends on the girl really.

In my experience some girls LOVE an upwards curve (which I have) as when you get them on their back and bend their legs back really far and hit it right you’ll make them cum harder than they ever have before through penetration.

BUT there’s also the problem of them only being able to give you deep throat by sitting on your face, did I say a PROBLEM!? (The upwards curve means they can’t get it in they’re mouth from the front fully.)

When I do coke however, thats coca cola! (Yeah right) It seems to be very straight and thus visually longer.

Well, I’m your perception ‘visually’ can be trusted if you are on coke.

That’s Coca Cola, right?

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
Well, I’m your perception ‘visually’ can be trusted if you are on coke.

That’s Coca Cola, right?

Yeah coca cola (cough cough)
It doesn’t get rock hard but it gets really long and very straight, i like having oral sex when it’s like this because she can take pretty much all of it in and bend it in her mouth and do what she likes, when it rock hard and bend upwards I have to settle for just the head getting mouth and the rest gets harmonica style!

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