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Do you agree with these unit descriptions


Originally Posted by Maxtro
BTW will the people who have at least 6” in length and 5” in girth and still think they are small, please shut up. There are guys out there (points to self) who would love to have your size.

Sorry for the bitterness.

Didn’t mean to offend, Maxtro. But truthfully, all of us are here because we aren’t pleased with our size. Hell, I look at the 7 inch guys and think, “Why the hell is HE here.” It’s because he wants to better himself. That’s what we all want. No matter what size we are. No one was putting anyone down. Don’t get offended so easily.


I think 7” is quite a bit bigger than average.we obsess about our size or lack of it, but we forget that most guys are between 5 and 6.I still, at 7.5-7.75 x 6 midshaft, don’t think I’m big, but every new girl I’m with makes unsolicited comments about how big it is.So I think I agree with the units as they we’re first posted, but maybe there should be some consideration of girth before we assign a designation.What I mean is that maybe 7 x 5 is nice or “bigger than average”, but 7 x 6 is big.The bigger girth results in greater total volume and a bigger cock for any given length.

Originally Posted by n2growing
Damn I’m just a nice guy but I do have a big to huge head. Microbrew is your size 6 3/4 (bp or nbp) x 5?

It’s 6 3/4 NBP, BP is around 7. Girth is 5 midshaft and base is 5’5 , below my head is around 5 or less. My body fat is around 10% so I don’t figure I would get a big difference in NBP compare to BP.

I’ve been a member here since 2002 but just couldn’t get myself to stick a program. But to decided to start off the new yr and be consisted.


Originally Posted by ynarevith73
I’d agree with starting with 7 = nice for length

And I would have to bump it up again on the girth and go with 5.5 being nice (just because I’m 5.125 and think it is too thin).

I Agree, 5.5 would be consider nice in girth


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