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Do they all know?


I tend to think that guys that can and do stick with lifting weights, would be able to stick with PE. So just picture all the guys in the locker room doing PE. That is if it was well advertised and accepted.

You are forgeting the macho factor, of not wanting to admit their dick is small. People with already good sized dicks, will most likely not have the motivation.

I am doing both lifting and PE, and lifting is half as hard as keeping a good PE routine. Especially since PE takes so much longer to see results.

A woman with a tight exercised body or a man with a great build are no less impressive considering the “common knowledge” that these things can be “acquired” at the “gym”… :)

I suspect the same would apply for cock. If a person has done PE:
a) How would anybody find out during a first meeting? and
b) Why would they care?

A big dick is a big dick…


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

One more thing,

If you found out that your girl had been sleeping with a phonebook on her face to mold it to the perfect shape, did sit-ups twice daily combined with jogging to give her a beautiful flat stomach, and pumped her breasts frequently to make them full and firm, would you be appauled? Ok, ok, so I don’t know if these “exercises” would work, but I for one would be flattered that after all of those “upgrades” I was the one she chose to enjoy it. I doubt it’s any different for women…… Or is it?! :)

I love using “quotes.” They make me “smile.”



STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

The real problem is that most men are afraid to do something like hanging weights from their dicks or pulling on them for a while. I mean, from an outside perspective, it doesn’t look too safe now does it? They think that these activities will just cause pain and discomfort, not growth. I felt the same exact way, until the very first day I got through a jelq session. Before that, I cracked up when I read about pulling on your dick for 30 miuntes or hanging weights on it. But after I looked down at my transformed dick following my very first jelq session, I was fuckin’ flipping out man. I couldn’t believe how much bigger my glans instantly got and how much thicker my shaft felt right after that single jelq session, and I was sold. (Too bad I still haven’t gotten my girth to permanently look as big as it did after that very first jelq workout, but it’s definitely almost there.)

I think all the skeptics and disbelievers have to go through a similar experience in order to accept PE as being a reality. After that, they just have to have the discipline and consistency to keep doing it. (I’m still working on that last part.)

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I agree with the general concensus here. People in the USA are physically lazy and will gladly pay gross amounts of money for some pill or drug, but if it involves work or daily workouts forget it. I’m not worried about enlargement becoming mainstream because very few have the ability to commit to a routine of much of anything except work and eating too much. Life is a process of dicipline. We are losing that concept. My own sons still lack the concept of dicipline and routine. HELP!

I’ve been at this PE process for over 4 years now and have seen very slow but steady gains. You guys need to understand that this is not a super quick fix for most of us. I now stand at about 9.25” from a starting point of barely 6” but it has not been dramatic, but rather slow steady growth for me.


>Think about it. She gets these emails repeatedly. Your dick is getting bigger by the week. You spend a lot of time on the Internet. You disappear for long periods of the time but you are not leaving the house.

She’s not going to put 2 and 2 together and figure out your doing PE. Because first off like gprent says those ads just push pills and patches. How will she know about how you really get a bigger dick? She won’t know about jelqing or hanging or pumping. Plus gains are so gradual because it doesn’t just happen over night.She is not going to freak because all of a sudden your bigger. Now the disappearing for long periods of time might make her wonder what your doing. But I doubt if she will suspect your making your dick bigger as the reason.
I don’t think you have anymore to worry about than you ever did

Yeah, I fed the wife the same bullshit - diet, blood pressure under control now, and I fessed up to kegels. And all of that supposedly accounted for 70% more penile size, by volume.

She has never mentioned PE to me, and as she’s a nurse, I’m sure she would doubt that it’s possible. So be it.

I agree - the PE ads will be viewed by the vast majority as simply another bullshit scam: “Lose weight overnight while you sleep!”…..”Grow a full head of hair with these supplements!”….”Earn million$ while you sit at home!”

Some astute & determined guys out there might research this further - and end up here. But most simply believe that NPE is impossible - or, so dangerous just to add an inch at most.

“She has never mentioned PE to me, and as she’s a nurse, I’m sure she would doubt that it’s possible. So be it.”

Of course, these are the same people that told us we would “go blind”. :p


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