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Do surveys lie ?

I would question the motives of any girl who uses talks about their exes dicks.

My ex made me very sensitive about other dicks, so much so that I found myself here, so I do have something to thank her for.

This is my first post, so if bumping (or contributing to a bumped thread) is deserving of an a**-whipping then my apologies. Similarly if doubting the veracity of another poster is not the accepted thing then I’m really sorry, but I don’t believe a word of what mr-huge claims.

Apart from the internal contradictions in his posts (I.e that somehow it’s more likely that a heterosexual man will get a harder erection - and therefore a more accurate measurement - in front of a male friend than a female nurse) the idea that one guy, let alone seven, will allow a friend to measure their erect penis seems absurd to me.

According to what some here say, I have nothing to be ashamed of (8BP) but I would be deeply embarrassed if my best male friend saw my erect d*ck - let alone if he was staring at it while being close enough to read a ruler marking. Hell - I wouldn’t be too happy if he stared while I was flaccid!

When I was working in a famous department store in London, one of my workmates burst out loud with ” D*** has a huge d**k!” while we were at a canteen table with a bunch of others. (I’m not gay - he’d seen me in the gents). I remember feeling very embarrassed, even though some of those present were girls. I accept that not everyone might be quite as embarrassed as myself in this situation, but on the other hand I think more guys would react like that than they might think. I’m sure it would be most unlikely that someone with an average - or even a higher than average - amount of male friends could find seven of them willing to put themselves in the sort of “uncompromising” position that mr huge describes .

If his friends are all packing 7NBP x 5.5 EG - and therefore he considers that average, or not far off - then what he’s really saying is that most porn stars are average or just below. One of the weird things about this Penis Enlargement thing is that you begin checking out male porn stars d*cks more analytically (or at least I do). Without being conceited, if I compare such things as how the girl fits both hands on the shaft, or one hand around and so on, I suspect that some of them are actually smaller than I am. The comparison is even more favourable if it’s true that the girls are often small.

The guys are sometimes small too, which gives a false view of their erect size. I recently saw one UK porn starlet, listed as 5’5 in height at a couple of places, in a “monster cock” vid. The guy did look huge, but on closer inspection he was exactly the same height as her.His d*ck was a two-hander (I.e she could fit two hands along his shaft with about an inch or more left over). That’s the same as me (or even a bit less if the girl had small hands) which means he was something like 8BP/7-7.5NBP. This is average, according to Mr Huge.

As for more than one of his friends having 9” NBP, well I’m pretty convinced that even the biggest “Monster Cock” Pornstars are rarely this big. Maybe four or five guys or so, but not many more than that. Either mr huge’s friends are all porn stars, or they are all Penis Enlargement gurus, or he’s being “economical with the actualité”, as a UK civil servant once infamously testified.

I know which of the three I believe.

I think amateur porn is very revealing for gaging the average size.

I also think that people cannot estimate accurately by looking.


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