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Do Scottish Men PE in Kilts??

Do Scottish Men PE in Kilts??

The other day I had done my morning session of hanging and I was beginning to fold some clothes in the living room.

It was a nice day and I wanted to leave the shades open to let the sun in, but I had 5 lbs swinging from my penis!! So I put on some shorts, but the damn divider between the legs was irritating the hell out of me, so I simply cut it. Basically making a kilt (lord knows it wasn’t a skirt!!!!!).

Immediately the thought hit me, so that’s why the Scottish wear kilts, PE??????

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Do Scottish Men PE in Kilts??

Not me. :)

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I’m 28 and have never worn a kilt before.

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

I’m 25 and have a full outfit with family tartan (Montgomery Ancient). Perfect for showing off my flaccid at my wedding reception…:D

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This is one of the strangest threads so far.

I do only PE in Lederhosen.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Kilts would work well. I have my families tartan, (Grant, while my wife’s is MacKinnon) the sporran hides your flaccid hang.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a fairly sparsely populated area. I just open the blinds when it’s sunny and PE away. I also never wear trunks into the hot tub…(unless we have guests.) I guess my thought is, if the neighbors are watching me with their telescopes or binoculars, they deserve to see my PE enhanced, plucked, dick!! I hope they like it! For guys who need to wear something while PEing, I think the kilt idea is kind of cool.

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