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Do Large Size Goals Make Sense?


Originally Posted by horsehung
I agree with gprent. Do what you think is right. Most vaginas can adjust to a large penis. Take it from me. But, then, I never dated women who couldn’t take it all, and I certainly didn’t marry one.


What was your size when you married one? I was only 7+ when we said “I do.” I am now a tad under 8 1/2, so I didn’t marry her with that size. She is a small woman and likes girth. Just trying to give my opion to the man’s question.

Do what you want Biffy, but there are consequences to getting what you wish for.


Good point, HJ. There certainly are consequences. I was a little under 8” by 6” girth before I started PE. She never complained, and still doesn’t. The thing with us two is that we produce a lot of natural lubrication—always did. So once she is well “lubed,” she has no problem. But we’re both built pretty large in that part of the body. It sure is something to consider if one were thinking about marrying a small woman.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



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