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Do guys lie about size to other guys

Do guys lie about size to other guys

I’m wondering if they do. I have brought up the subject a few times with differnt friends of mine. Every last one of them have said they were above average size. Like 7.25 - 8.00 but no facts on girth. But when I bring up the facts of studies they have said they may have measured wrong. It leads me to beleave that average size atleast out of the 5 guys I’ve talked to is 7.5 or bigger.

On a side note Thunder’s Place ROCKS!!

Started 7.00 elpb 5.5 eg
3 months 7.50 elpb 5.5 eg- wheres the girth :(
Short term 8.0 elpb 5.75eg
Long term 8.5 elpb 6.5eg

I think that a large percentage of men lie about their size. My guess is that they embelish by an inch on average. A friend of my said he had an 8 incher, but a year later bought a pump that was only 7 inches. I even had a friend who legitimately did have a 9 incher but he says it’s 10 inches on some days. I said “is it really ten inches” and he replies “just about, it’s nine”

Makes me feel small when they say numbers like that. But then again I know most of it isnt true. My girl has been with 10 differnt partners out of all them she had one that was maybe 8inchs but not thick and one that was 6eg but not long.. I use to think I was small because of all the big dick talk among friends and internet porn. It’s good in a way cause I found thunder’s place because of it. My mind set rigth now is that I’m still small compared to others. Even when I reach my 8.5x6.5 I don’t think I will stop. Maybe the day I get rejected because I’m too big I will stop but until then I will keep tuging away :P

When you say it out loud it makes it feel like the truth. So if my dick is 6.5” maybe I’ll say 7” then I feel like I have a 7” dick.

It’s like my buddy who is not really good looking always says shit about how good looking he is, the fact that I don’t contest it therefore makes it the truth to him.

I round against my favor in everything. I have a 7”er untill I pass 7.5”; I weigh 195lbs untill I hit 205, etc.

I believe that most guys lie, lie, lie, about most anything they think will fluff them selves up!
6’1”s tall? Bull sh*t, not even 6’. Navy SEAL? Navy supply clerk is more like it. A super model has the hots for him? No, a super model has a restraining order on him.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I always have lied in the past. I always claimed to be an inch bigger than I am. However, I think this is largely because I was of the opinion average was 6.5 NBP and didn’t want to be known as below average.

:rolling: iamaru, you is bad!

Anyway, I am 12 or 13 inches roughly :whatever:

Give or take, 6 or 7 :gulp:

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All sounds crazy.I don’t have even 6’.

I say my NBPEL when asked

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

Originally Posted by Sh0t
I say my NBPEL when asked

So say I. Some guys here post their pics with their measuring ruler and the way they measure and angle of pic is funny. I agree that they have nice tool but they show off the ruler and dick at 8 inch mark but they look like 6.75 to 7 inch. I feel most of the guys simply round up BPEL. Well, if they feel secured by saying so it’s good for them :-)

Originally Posted by iamaru
A super model has the hots for him? No, a super model has a restraining order on him.

That is just too funny!!!

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

The amount of girls I’ve known that have said they had 10” guys is amazing! Then when I ask them to show me 10” with their hands its more like 7-8”!

Its the same with guys….

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

I wrap my tape measure in spirals along the shaft. Comes out at 22.5” every time. I have noticed, however, that a more narrow tape measure will fool you into believing that you have a longer erect length.

regards, mgus

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