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Do frequent penis erections/half erections help with healing/recovery ?

Do frequent penis erections/half erections help with healing/recovery ?

Do frequent penis erections/half erection(no masturbation/sex, only with the help of visual/mental stimulus) help with healing/recovery ?

Increased blood flow seems to help other body parts to heal quicker so it should work on penis too ? But sometimes, even with the above mentioned principle in mind , when my dick is beaten up I just prefer it to be flacid for some “resting”.

What do you think ?

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my opinion on the matter is yes. Frequent erections or semi erections will help healing in an extended or engorged state because turtling will be less frequent. And you are right in saying that increased blood flow helps damaged tissue to heal faster. This is why most muscle tears heal a lot faster then tendon tears because muscles receive a lot more blood flow then tendons.

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Yes it helps a lot.

I injured myself over a week ago with too much clamping so I started easing up a bit. Still after Andre days I had gone from a weak erection to none at all. So I switched to mainly edging and light pumping (2-3 psi max) along with sleeping on a heat pad on low. 5 days later I was rock hard and raring to go.

Who says we want our dicks to heal quickly though? The idea is to have controlled damage (fatigue) daily and keep it at a decent fatigue level to get gains, If you healed to quickly the ligaments etc may just heal stronger.

Having hard erections and more frequently is a positive PI so I guess it should help, either way it’s a positive thing.

I never did anything to prevent my penis from turtling and that didn’t stop me from gaining 1”, so no, it doesn’t matter. From my experience, at least.

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I agree. Blood=healing healthy rested natural chubb monster gobbles blood and gets back to work.

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I personally think it has helped me and I have stated that in my threads. I also think it helps with EQ.

It also is a bit of a cycle - when I get more erections, it seems I am even more prone to getting more and more. The less I get, they keep dropping off in that direction.

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The introduction of newly-oxygenated blood (from erections) does facilitate healing.

I don’t agree with the theory of encouraging constant penile fatigue. You guys should be giving your cocks a nice workout, not beating them up such that you need days of recovery time between PE events.



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