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Do 20" dicks exist?

Do 20" dicks exist?

When you look around on the many PE pages you will find all kind of information, e.g. that jelqing has its origin in the arabic world. On some of these pages they mention that they (the arabs) start of early to reach a mean value of 10” and, in some extreme cases, reach 18-20”. Have any of you come accross any visual evidence of such extremes (or any kind of evidence) or is it just BS? But who knows, why should it only be possible to reach 8-10” through PE-ing? Does there exist any law of nature that states that this would be the limitation? But who would want a 20” dick anyway (unless you happen to be married to a mare)? 12” would do fine ;) .

Have a nice day.

If they do then I expect them to be VERY VERY RARE.

rare and..wouldn;t be able to get an erection I guess..

and of couse wouldn;t get laid..

and of course be ashamed as a man with 1”…

That is a “freak of all freaks” kind of deal - the huge porn guys have like 11” units.

I saw an HBO program real sex and this Indian guy (India) was taking his dick and winding it up on a stick and hanging things from it. It would be like trying to roll up your dick on a drumstick OUCH. He looked like his dick was over a foot long streched out though, but I doubt this guys meat did more than tricks.

best of luck

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i also saw that on HBO about 3 years ago he lifted a 70 pound rock with his dick i think that guy has the world record for most weight lifted with his dick. i dont think he was a foot long though


WOW! What the hell would you do with a 20 inch schlong anyway? What woman (or man if that’s what they’re into) would want to be impaled by such a spear. I knew a woman once who claimed that she did it with John Holmes. She said he damn near killed her and from then on she looked for short, fat peckers. I think that 7 - 8.5 is probably what most women would be thrilled by.

Only my humble opinion…..


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


During my military career, whilst in the Korean war (1949/51). I had a fellow in our unit, an Englishman who had a shlong about the size of a horse, he was huge.

I would estimate his girth was around 7” and length about 12” maybe more. I never measured only stared in disbelief!

This chap used to go out at night looking for women to have a good time and get his rocks off.

It didn’t take long for all the local prostitutes to find out about him and the size of his member. He must have covered the field pretty quickly because in the end none of the girls would take him on.

I even heard some girls outside the camp one night shout out, Sorry Johnny, your too big, you hurt.

If anyone is unlucky enough to either be born with a 20” member or even endevours to reach this size - whats the point, No woman will accomodate such length and all sexual pleasure would be denied.

Perhaps a fortune could be made in a circus as the man with the “Worlds Biggest Penis” but other than that it would be pretty useless. :bang:

Health is Wealth

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