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DLD SuperSets...Extreme Girth Sets

Originally posted by secjay
Thanks for clearing up the angles for me dld.
I was doing whacky 180's and shit…. wicked
no wonder the blood was pissing off so quick.

Still, I can't “keep it up” for as long as 30 secs…

I guess I'll just have to do several shorter holds :(


Try to clamp a little higher on the shaft, maybe a half inch higher, at the very base the shaft is harder to clamp. For me it’s much effective than at the base. The other thing i do, is using kegel to push the max amount of blood in it. Clamp, release a little then kegel, then clamp again do this until you are really hard, after that you can begin your bends and horses.

Hope it helps


maybe even a small dose of Viagra may help.

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you do this everyday? no wonder your girth grew so fast. this routine is kinda like one of them shock routines, just a little shorter as far as time.

thanks frenchy I will try that.
I do the kegel clamp squeeze thing to ‘pump it up’ and it works well.
Otherwise it would take entirely too long to get inflated enough to do anything!

But I’ll try the different grip.

DLD, unfortunately, buying anything is not an option for me currently. :(

I would like to try that but not only can I not afford it, but I’m afraid it will turn me into a super horny freak and do myself or my girl an injury :)

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
My routine takes about 30 Minutes now. I think your routine looks great. I think that sticking with this routine with some slight modifications may be what you need to do. Intensity is so important in gaining girth (vets only). Working beyond the comfort level is sometimes difficult to see/do but I think it is worth the search. Find your limits and push yourself to that level. I'll send a PM with more clarity.

You have a point saying that intensity is important. Maybe that is the department I need to push the things ie. 4-5 days a week might be too little, and erection level going up’n down through the routine by watching porn flicks could have some effect as well… I try to do this routine w/ no such a thing as off-day from now on. :) Let’s see what that will bring.

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How long does it take you to complete this regimen, DLD? By the time I’m done with three of those supersets, it’s been like an hour and my dick is tired. Doing those squeezes and bends takes up most of the time… getting the proper erection level, etc… it adds up. For someone into PE for about nine months, is three supersets enough?

Also I remember you writing that you started gaining length first, then the girth started to come. How long were you PEing before the length came? And how soon after that did the girth start to come?

Do you jelq sitting or standing? I’ve been noticing that I can get way more pressure built up in my head and shaft if I jelq while standing (perhaps because I use the jelq device?). I get a much more intense expansion. Have I been wasting my time jelqing seated? The only drawback is that jelqing while standing makes it harder for me to maintain the proper erection level. I’m going to try it standing for a while and see if it makes any difference in my results.


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Prickle I do nothing standing up *:D *

my jelq superset session takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

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So, dld, just how long are you exercising every day, total of all exercises?

Is the injury that is preventing you from hanging, effecting your other exercises?

Are you using V when you are doing your bends??

What erection level are you at when bending?

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Originally posted by ThunderSS
So, dld, just how long are you exercising every day, total of all exercises?

Morning Blaster set is about 30 minutes long. I do this session with all bundled A-Stretches.

My Superset session starts at 11:30 and lasts appx. 30-45 minutes.
In this session I do 100 very strong upward wet jelqs at as close to 100% erect as I can manage. Each stroke is fairly quick (about 1.5-2 seconds) at the end of 100 Jelqs I so two 30 second squeezes. Usually my erection subsides a bit during these squeezes. I use the next set of jelqs to return to 100% erect. I do this 7 times.

Is the injury that is preventing you from hanging, effecting your other exercises?

As a matter of fact my injury is the reason I came up with “Bundled Blasters” It became too painful to do regular A-Stretch Blasters so the twist was made initially to avoid the injury, it was then that I realized the potential of the bundle. As far as my jelq, squeeze and bend exercises it was not effected because all of those movements wear upward movements which did not re-open the cut. Any downward movements did open the cut ie. (sex, pulling back my foreskin in any sense.)

Are you using V when you are doing your bends??

I don’t understand this question.

What erection level are you at when bending? [/B]

anywhere from 80% to 100%. I have taken note that as I get longer the bends are easier to do at 100% erect. It is almost like a board…the shorter it is the more difficult it is to bend. The longer the board the easier it bends. But still I do not do huge bends. They are minimal and there to serve a purpose not to injure.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

:blue: :blue: :blue: :blue:

DLD, see the color of them above, gives you an idea? Don’t understand Thunder’s question “Are you using V”?



Sorry to be so silly. I was so proud that on my second attempt I was able to guess what Thunder meant.

I never used “V” for PE, but I thought of it several times. But being on “V” in the office??? Don’t know… “Hey, why is your face kind of red?”,”Did you catch a cold, your nose sounds kind of closed”,”Are you EXCITED to see me?”…. ;)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

DLD, identify for me the following:

UPWARD: is this towards your chin? or do you mean OUTWARDS?

My guess is when you say UPWARD you are referring to being in a lying position and pulling your penis up towards the ceiling?

I ask that because it can be confusing. I see upwards, downwards, outwards, sideways in relation to my body. Upwards is towards the chin or belly, down towards the feet, and so on.

Just trying to clarify.


I jelq upward towards my chin in the direction of my erection. I A-Stretch-Blast seated on the toilet with my shaft horizontal to the toilet seat and my penis draped over my wrist with my glans pointed at the ground. I use Viagra when I can get it, it is VERY expensive and I rely more on a natural boner whenever I can. If able to I would take it always.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I tried that generic Viagra that DLD had mentioned once at PEForum… it works just as good and it’s cheaper (but still expensive). One drawback are the pills themselves. They are very chalky and brittle. If you try to cut one in half, One half will crumble to dust and the other stays intact no matter how you break it. One advantage to this dusty consistency is that it is absorbed into your system quickly.

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How fast grows girth (on average)? I have just started to do these “DLD supersets” and I have gained nothing in girth from jelquing so far… I feel like I need to work my girth some at this point =) My 7” dick looks very long comparred to my 4,4” girth :) Do anyone have a thinner dick than I have in this forum at all? :) hehe…

Restarting everything.


I have about the same in girth, but I’m 8 inches BP. So if you think you look thin, how do you think I feel :( . I’m also going to begin a DLD program for girth. Just have to stick with. I’m going to get very aggresive with a girth campaign soon.

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