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DLD Bundle Blaster with Dynamic Fulcrum

DLD Bundle Blaster with Dynamic Fulcrum

I have been trying all kinds of exercises to work the tunica (my LOT is 7-8). My final exercise is the following. I start with a bundle (twist the dick 360 or 720 degrees), put the other arm under my dick for an A-stretch, and while doing DLD Blasters I roll the wrist of the A-stretch arm back and forth under the dick. I feel a great stretch inside my dick and I hope that it is the tunica. Maybe someone can try it out and tell me if I am right or not in my assumptions.

Good Luck.


I do that too. Feels great!

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You sure you can still use those DLD names?

Might get sued or something..

Seriously though, those sound good. I think I’ll try them.

Yeah, I’ve always done that too, except not with the “bundle”.

I do not like to twist my dick like that. I don’t trust it.

Becoming.... Godsize

Well, instead of just bumping the thread I want to mention that today is the second day that I have done this stretching exercise and it is 3 hours since I stopped and still I have the soreness feeling inside the shaft and partly inside the pelvic cavity. I account this to tunica stretching according to input from RB.


By the way

I hope that the few responses are not caused by me mentioning DLD?! If so, could a moderator please remove all the words related to DLD in this thread?


People just aren’t biting today. No nips at your thread Sir. What more can I say? There is no need to change the name or edit posts. Otherwise we will be here for several months going through every post. So don’t sweat it. Good luck on getting an answer.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Ya, place is so quiet anymore, not sure why that is…

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