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DLD Blasters

DLD Blasters

I was intrigued by the DLD blaster routine as I want to work on my length. I do stretching each morning, before and after a jelq session and before bed of stretching in all directions, when could I throw in your DLD blaster routine?

Also. I didnt understand this part of the routine, can you help explain it please. I’m very grateful.

“4.) In a laying position grab penis in a two handed type stretch (ie. DLD “A” Stretch, DLD Dual Fulcrum Stretch, 7-ups “V” Stretch) Now do 50 sets of these: PC squeeze (Keggle) for 5 seconds being very aware of the pc muscle then push out (Reverse Keggle), releasing the pc muscle for 5 seconds. Ex-hale during this and increase the tension. You will feel an immediate increase in length on the push. This is where you will be hitting the ligs 100%”

DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

Pictures and videos of many exercises

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Still confused. So say I go for the V stretch. I lay on my back, do a V stretch then a 5 second long kegal, then a five second long reverse kegal and do these both times 50?

Am I to release the stretch after each set of kegals?

The intent of doing all those DLD kegels beforehand is to fatigue the DLD “PC” muscle so that supposedly your ligs, and not the DLD PC muscle, are absorbing most of the force of your DLD A or DLD V Stretch.

If you simply do a DLD reverse kegel (the muscle you use to force pee out faster) as you DLD stretch, you’ll feel what he’s talking about. You don’t really have to do the DLD PC fatiguing to get a sense of it.

I realize this may be sacreligous to some, but I’m not sure that anatomically a DLD blaster helps you hit the ligs significantly better. If you look at the artist renderings Westla provides here Locating the bc muscle you’ll see the fudiform and suspensory ligaments aren’t connected to the BC muscle. When we stretch, we may actually be lengthening both ligaments and muscle and/or tuncia, depending on the direction, force and axis of rotation of the stretch.

The reason dld blasters may have worked for a lot of people is because for all of them it was the first exercise or routine they tried because it was so hyped, beginners can simply gain from about anything and they attributed all their newbiegains to this exercise. In the long run I believe short pulls will cause your tissues to become tougher must faster than with continuous pulls. It’s your choice follow the old hype for a few gains and hit that dreaded plateau early or do what’s best and keep gaining at a steady pace.

So I am meant to do them before my regular stretches to fatigue the tunica? OK, thanks for the help

For me, the blaster routine is the first routine I do before I move onto my hanging sessions. They keep my inner penis nice and sore/stretched, so I can further punish it with hanging. My flaccid size is definitely bigger and there is less bounce back. Meaning if I were to pull my flaccid penis straight down it barely stretches out any longer, and barely recoils back when I let go.

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I never really did these much, but I have noticed that when I’m in the A-stretch and doing a Reverse Kegel, I do seem to get a really deep lig stretch (if I keep my hands low enough). The lig effect seems unusually pronounced - much more so than while doing any other stretch.

Does that translate into “better” gains? I don’t know because my glans always took such a beating from the A-stretch blasters that I never stuck with these for any length of time.

So piet believes that Blasters aren’t really the way to go.only making the muscle stronger.

“In the long run I believe short pulls will cause your tissues to become tougher must faster than with continuous pulls.”

-Short pulls being 5 second pulls with a kegel.continuous pulls being pulls of about 60 seconds or so?

-Also, when I do blasters ( been doing for a week now) I do feel the extra length in between pc flexes.. Is it necesarry to do the reverse kegel too? I am going for tunica not lig


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