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DIY ligament cutting.. Safe? Sane?


His user-name was something like 10inch something. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking. But no. I don’t think he actually ever did it. At least I hope he didn’t. If he did that may explain his silence.

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No Nukes

The documentary was called The Perfect Penis and it was on either ITV1 or Channel4 ( uk tv ). The operation looked pain full and he was told to hang for eight hours a day. The doctor even told him that if he came back and said he had hung for seven and a half hours a day then he had just wasted seven and a half hours of his day. The emphasis was on eight hours or nothing!! Personally losing the angle of erection would put me off the operation more than anything else!!

This documentary was the reason I am here now now writing this post. This forum was featured very slightly, no names mentioned, but enough information so I could jump on the net and do a few searches and find it.

For this reason I salute the documentary for reminding me about the joy of PE.

Regarding cortisone injections into the suspensory ligs. This is a very bad idea. Cortisone is primarily used to reduce inflammation, not to increase the flexibility of ligaments. No reputable doctor will now inject the same area on more than three occasions because cortisone has the effect of weakening ligaments.

For cortisone shots to be medically useful they have to be placed extremely accurately. I usually recommended my patients to have cortisone shots administered done under ultrasound because to get it wrong results in no benefit (in terms of inflammation reduction or abolishment) and a potential weakening of structures around the injury site.

Topical hydrocortisone would have no positive effects on ligaments. If you check the contra-indications on hydrocortisone topical preparations one of them is ‘not to be used on genitals’.

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