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Hi all,

I have been PEing on and off for over two years and have put forth a very concerted effort. After all this time I have gained a bit, but not what i had hoped for. When I started I was only 5” nbpel and 5” girth and 6” + bpel. Now I am approx. 5.5 - 5.75” nbpel 6.25 - 6.5” bpel and still 5” in girth. I had thought that I was gaining much more than that and to top that off I have lost 2” to my waist which may account for some of the gains, especially the nbp length. I know that there is much room for error in measuring, however have been as careful as possible. I have noticed that when I use a regular straight edge ruler and press hard against the bone, my measurements seem to be bigger. But if I use a tape measure with the numbers facing away and press the container part to the head for a bp measurement I only get about 6” bpel and 5.5” nbpel. I still feel like I am the tiniest guy around. Which measurement do you all think is more accurate? As an aside, my girlfriend knows that I have big issues with my “small” size. It wasn’t a problem in the beginning. She said that she has been with guys who were “much smaller” than me and that she could only remember one bigger. Is that possible? (she’s been with about 15 others) After hearing me complain for so long, however, she is getting sick of it and she told me she had a dream the other night that I whipped it out and it was “minuscule.” She said that I am now “in trouble.” I vowed that I would not bring up the topic again. I am always making self-depricating remarks about this issue in a joking fashion so almost all who know me have an idea about it. Needless to say I am worried and discouraged. Any comments would be appreciated. I dream of the day when I can be proud of what I have!


I would say first of all you do need to come to a place where you are satisfied with where you are and what you have at the given in time in which you have it. If you belive you will be “satisfied” with a bigger unit, I think you are fooling yourself. Inside who you are is what is really at issue here. I have worked diligently to the point where I am finally at 6.25” L and 5.25” G, but have never had a “I’m too small complex.”

Isn’t it intresting that your woman has a much less complex about your physical size than you. I would speculate that she is much more pleased with you losing the weight you mention then she would ever be by you increasing your penis size. And she would be all the more secured in you by you being secure in who you are. I think deep down she might actually resent you being so “obsessed” with your penis. She probably wonders “does he find things about me that I can’t change just as undesirable?”

Of the hundreds of things that you can change with simple effort (as opposed to the difficult effort of PE) that would endear herself to you, you have chosen the one thing that is most difficult to “change” as the most significant.

I once aske a girl if she could have a sincere, honest, loving Brad Pitt who had a pinky for a penis vs a self obsorbed, slop with a 8x6 her response was hands down pinky man.

You are no pinky man. 6x5 is great. When I started 5.25x4.75 I have always been able to “convince” the women I’ve been with to have multiple sexual sessions with me. We both enjoyed the sex, and that is what it is about.

I mean all of this with a heavy heart for you. I hope you will come to relize your girl likes you and that is something incredible. Learn to take who you are from that. Improve without setting up succes as the only thing that is important.


Very interesting pattern… I mean, to make jokes or funny remarks about one’s own size. Actually. I was very surprised when a colleague did this last week. I forwarded to him the joke about the Horse and the little chicken and the BWM Z3 which ends with “If you’re hung like a horse you don’t need a BMW” (to be looked up in DW’s Forum). OK, this colleague of mine is driving a BMW, but I would not have expected to hear from him, that with his “lasso” he could not even rescue a fly out of a glass of water - I didn’t know what to say - should I have told him about PE. No, I would not do this on the job - it’s 2000 employees here, and I would not like to be known as the PEer *LOL*

But what made him say this?

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Two things

…from a man who had a small penis complex - and I never joked about it because it really affected me.

First, listen to Thunders advice - get EVEN more consistent.

Second, the “average” is around 5.5” nbp. 14cm. My starting stats. As I never made it up to 6” I thought I was the smallest guy around as all my mates had bigger flaccids and all said “I’m only six inches….”.

For many 6” is the magic mark, but the vast majority of men fall into the category of being below this mark.

I wish more guys who are not this size nbp would post, as you would soon realize that 5”-5.5” is far from small.

Take others sizes lightly, as someone who posts 7” may actually be, for example, 5.75” nbp.

The best thing I have acheived from this board is the self confidence with regards to my penis even though I know there are guys who ARE big, that size DOES mattter, and although I am no longer locker room shy, I would still like to wait a while before going naked in public. especially in cold weather ;)


Be consistant and persistant

I agree with Thunder, being consistant and persistant is the answer. I’v been PE’ing for about 6 weeks, and right now I don’t think that I would ever stop, maybe change routines as the need arises. So far gained .60”, in L&G; looks like 1” for the first two months.

Started at the “average” mark: 5.85”.

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"


it seems that quite often a man’s penis and ego are often metaphorically interchangeable. perhaps her dream was suggesting that your “hang up” with penis size is indicative of a miniscule sense of self esteem. i certainly don’t mean to sound too harsh, god knows i am every bit a guilty of confusing my dick size with my own ego (they’re both growing). whatsmore, having lurked here for a year and having pe’d a little longer i think i can safely say that all of us here can stand a reality check on occasion. ultimately what we are doing is very silly. we tend to obsess and devote a terrific amount of time to something we only have a modicum of control over. should cancer researchers be as diligent and as steadfast as we can be over that modicum of control which we do have, i’m sure cancer will soon be a thing of the past. so follow the wisdom imbued by your girlfriend and keep things in perspective.

pe is goofy and dick size is only as important as we make it, but lord i love my new eight incher.



Originally posted by BigJohnThursday
pe is goofy and dick size is only as important as we make it, but lord i love my new eight incher.


Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

<After hearing me complain for so long, however, she is getting sick of it and she told me she had a dream the other night that I whipped it out and it was “minuscule.” She said that I am now “in trouble.” I vowed that I would not bring up the topic again. I am always making self-depricating remarks about this issue in a joking fashion so almost all who know me have an idea about it. Needless to say I am worried and discouraged. Any comments would be appreciated. >

Stop that now, 100%, cold turkey,etc. It is f*cking with your head, and makes you come across as an pathetic looser. Nothing is more of a turn off to women than an insecure whiner. And what could be more of a looser topic to pathetically whine about than being insecure about you baby dick.

Get you attention? Are you saying “What an asshole!”?….Good. Only that ass hole isn’t me, you are the one saying this to your self every day. I can not stress this enough! Stop doing that to your self. This is negative visualization, over and over you are reinforcing in your mind that you have a teeny weeny. How can any Pe routine, especially an on and off one, compete with that? So lets be generous and say that you have averaged one hour PE time per day for two years. On the other side we have what, 16 hours per day with the back of your mind thinking “Everyone is bigger than me, all my problems somehow tie into my underdeveloped, pathetic pud :frown2: “Hell be glad you have not been making the damn thing smaller.

Please check out this link for a discussion on self esteem, especially how long term self inflicted negative reenforcement can f*ck with your head. Read the sad story of little Jimmy and his penis.

realpuffus wrote:
<I think deep down she might actually resent you being so “obsessed” with your penis. She probably wonders “does he find things about me that I can’t change just as undesirable?”> damn good point.

With the resources at Thunder’s you can get a bigger unit; and, we will help you if you are serious.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Stop the negative thoughts now!


“YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE”, so stop the negative, self-inflicting thoughts and comments immediately. You have a very good sized dick, both length and girth. Your girlfriend is satisfied with your dick, but not with your professed insecurity.



I think I know what you are going through.. Always wondering when you see another guy how much better he could nail your lady then you. Then take your frustrations out indirectly on your g/f? Am I right? I used to feel this way all of the time when I first came onto the scene over at, then shortly after started to visit here 8 months ago…

My wife had an affair on me with a guy who was right around your size and went back several times for more! Some here say I have / started out with a big dick but in the big picture what did that get me? I was crushed and hurt so bad that I actually couldn’t get it up… You are so lucky to have a woman who loves you because that is rare indeed…

I’m the slowest gainer on both forums but I’m still gaining.. If you stick with this stuff you WILL GET BIGGER… Iamaru, thunder and realpuffs rendered some REALLY GOOD ADVICE and if I were you I would take quick heed to it… Wouldn’t hurt to get the lady some flowers, look into her eyes and tell her you love her and never mention anything else about your trout. If you stick with this stuff she will start talking about it I’m sure….

My head was so fucked up when I crawled into you have no idea… I was a sexual peon and I had the evidence of it RENTING SPACE IN MY HEAD with what I went through… If you dwell on the negative it will devour you and destroy the ones you love and lastly destroy yourself… I still fight my negative feelings everyday but I’m in great shape now compared to where I was…

You came to the right place for these kinds of questions…

Hi All,

I thank you all for the great posts. This issue is one I have been dealing with, albeit not very well, from adolescence on. I understand the concept of negative visualization put forth by Iamuru. The question I have is how do I go about changing that negative message that has floating around my head and been constantly re-enforced for 20 years? When I read BJT’s post I was floored by the comment that he is happy with his new 8 incher. It’s comments like that that set me off on the negative cycle again, and it seems to bely his first paragraph. As far as consistency is concerned, I only stated that I had done PE on and off because I stopped after a year for about two months. Otherwise I have been consistent.

Iamuru, I have read some of your other posts and you seem like a very wise individual. Perhaps you can help me overcome my self inflicted negative brainwashing. I am eager to learn.

Realpuffus, I truly appreciated your post as well.

Thanks All. I will check back here very soon.


A reality check board

I may not win “converts” when I say this but I must. I knew when the
board expaned to as many members as we have now, that this issue
was going to come up. It is an EXTREMELY serious one for those in

I have been following all this for months now, and lately I and Anna
and Sunny and others have posted on the “sensitivity” issue.

With the large membership now of this board, pushing 7,000, and soon to be
over 10,000 (great!), there are naturally a handfull of guys who come on board and
have extremely humongous gains, even WITHOUT a hard and consistent routine.

Let us all admit that it is somewhat discombobulating for the below average gainer.

That is all I see here. It is a numbers game, we have enough members
so that the probabilities have caught up with us, and we have a number
of atypcial “fast” gainers and and a handful of outliers who have gained
enough to double their size. Regular guys see this and some are being

The key is to stay dedicated but many give up. SS4Jelq is the hero here
and if anyone on this board is a “king” it is he.

What motivation is there in seeing others gain so much so easily, and so many
gain so little. The only answer I have is my “Russion Roulete” theory, which
unfortunately is true. This is the issue, pure and simple. Anyone who
wants to argue my routete theory is free to, but you only have
acectodal evidence, not proof. Whatever.

Some will point to the 8 inch club success stories, while thumbing their nose at the losers.
But the losers are people too, and I know some who do try has hard as anyone on this
board. Even in this post, the originator is lambasted, and I can see why
in some sense yes, but those who gain are applauded. I am afraid this
is becoming a “gainers only club.” I could say more but I won’t.

I am just calling a spade a spade. For some, nothing seems to work, yet I still see the
same voice repeating the same ole tired and trite mantra, “if you only do it ‘my way’ or
just change routines (what I call the flawed “magic bullet theory).”

So, what do we do? I have yet to hear ONE answer.

Here is an example——-I will select DLD. Suppose DLD PE’ed hard and
consistent, harder than SS4Jelq, his blasters and everything, with
complete gusto for 1, 2, or 3 years, and still was around 6, gaining
virtually nothing? Would he feel different…………..inside too. I think
YES, though each of us only answers to ourselves. Would we hear
from him as we do now? Would he be a “whole” person.

Sorry DLD, just using you as an example.

Shoe is on the other foot.

I only make this statement to put some people’s “whiney” posts in a bit of
perspective. There are many aspects of one’s disappointment here.
It may be more than just one’s own internal problems, maybe it is
lack of success.


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'I know Thunder hates it when I bring this up,”

Not true. If it bothered me, I would let you know about it. And I don’t think the original poster was “lambasted” either. With the limited information he provided, he was given some advice.

Does this place really look like it is becoming a “gainer’s only” forum??

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I dunno, I hope not.

PM me sometime, but NOT this weekend or next, “if ya know what I
mean……………..”……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeee

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